Gender Difference

A word cloud describing gender differences.

By Lisbeth Valentin ’18

Women an interesting word that plays a insignificant role in society. Women are not considered strong nor intelligent enough to compete against males in society.  Women are expected to follow rules and stay home and give birth to children to later be one to take care of them. A woman is not expected to have a significant role in the political world.

Women are often seen as disrupted if they decided they want to achieve a bigger role in society. Hillary Clinton was running in the 2017 presidential election against Donald Trump. Clinton was never expected to win my citizens for the simple fact that she was a, you guessed it, women.

Males are considered not only better but also more intelligent than women. Males hold a bigger platform in the government. Males are not expected to follow the rules but rather go against them. The likelihood that a male is the person in charge of taking care of the children and cleaning the house is low. It is not consider “normal” for a male to take care of children. Words like being maternal have influenced this social belief that a male cannot take care of their children.

During the past two months the word women has become a powerful word use in society. Men and women both genders that play a role in keeping the world together. Women are creating a change in the everyday life. How do women create change that will impact younger generations? It is a simple question that is hard to answer why? Because you cannot create a change unless you are willing  to put other before you and take in consideration everything that is going to change.

Women are creating by joining together and going against all the odds. No one expected women to speak out about emotionally scarring events. Especially the males that made women hate themselves for a period of time.

Women can be defined as multiple things. Yara Hernandez, senior, describes women as a powerful human who can go against everything they believe and come stronger than before. Why are women glorified based beauty instead of intelligence? A simple yet hard to answer question.

What is the importance of intelligence? What does it convey to people? Why does it matter if a male is smarter than a female? Why is there a gap between the treatment of males and females? Both of them are human shouldn’t all the humans be treated the same?

The possibility that the gap between males and females gets reduced, or eliminated, are low. Women have to be stronger, more intelligent, and more determine to reach their goals than men.

One of the gender difference is the treatment of male and female is the roles that they are expected to follow within their homes.

In order to create a change women need to double their efforts when it comes to fighting battles against men.