Gabrielle Budzon: Passionate Teacher Coach

Photo of Ms. Budzon. Photo credit: Hernan Bueno

By Hernan Bueno ’18


You  might wonder how a passion might grow on someone. Maybe playing a sport so much that you begin to fall in love with it. Maybe you try it once and then you start to love it afterwards. For Gabrielle Budzon, chemistry teacher, it began when she was six years old. Budzon would play softball with her sister and was coached by her father.

Budzon’s passion began to grow throughout the years. She would play 5-6 games a day on the weekends, but besides the exhaustion she still had fun. When asked about her experiences with softball, Budzon stated, “I played through senior year until I tore my MCL, which kind of destroyed my career as a catcher.”

However, the injury did not get in the way of her passion for the sport because she has now been a coach for 2 years for the girls Pritzker softball team. Budzon has grown quite fond of her girls.  Budzon exclaimed,  “[…] it’s so much fun to hang out with the girls at practices and games!”

When she is not a coach, she is a Chemistry teacher. Budzon not only has a passion for coaching, but she also has a passion for teaching as well. According to Budzon, “I knew I wanted to be a teacher since high school, and softball just kind of came along with it. I saw no reason not to continue my passion with high school students!”

Finally, when it comes to being a coach, Budzon says, “I absolutely love being a coach. It makes the day go by faster into summer.”