From “Noble Athletics” to Noble League

A screenshot of the Noble League page.

By Michael Barcenas ’20

There was a huge change across the Noble Network. As the Noble Athletic Conference changed its name to the Noble league on Aug. 17 to incorporate non-athletics.  

Noble league is made up of  three different seasons for sports and they are: fall, winter, and spring. In those seasons, they have different sports and these are how they are ordered.

In the fall, there is Cross Country, Boys Soccer, Girls Rugby, Football, and Girls Volleyball. In the winter, there is Boys and Girls Basketball and Cheerleading. In the spring, there is Girls Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Boys Rugby, and track.

For some sports such as soccer, football, and volleyball there are two divisions that separate the schools. The Gold Division  is made up of the teams are more tougher and have had more success in the league the past couple of seasons. The Blue Divisions is for the schools that are new or that have been struggling in the league for the past couple of seasons.

Also, Noble League is available both on Facebook and Twitter two of the most popular social media apps. On both Facebook and Twitter, the Noble League keeps everyone updated with the scores for the games that occur on a daily. The page also awards and posts the Game of the Week and it can come from any of the sports. They also announce Athlete of the Week for boys and girls and this can come from any of the sports also.

Anna Brune, the Marketing and Events Manager for the Noble Health, Fitness, and Athletic Department, explains why there was a change. Brune stated, “We transitioned from the Noble Athletic Conference to the Noble League because we wanted to shift to become more competitive mechanism for just not Noble Athletics, but also for academic. Fitness, and art competitions to honor the comprehensive talents and diverse passion for Noble students and staff.” Brune and the rest of the Athletic team have goals for the Noble League, Brune stated, “Our main goal for the Noble League is to be able to enhance the Noble student experience through growth-oriented competition.¨

Ramon Ramirez, a junior, stated, ¨I feel like the Noble League is okay. There is so much talent in each of the sports. But I feel like some athletes do not get to shine a lot.¨ Ramirez won Male Athlete of the Week the first male student to win it this year. Mitchell Moreno a junior, stated, ¨The Noble League is great. I feel like its good for us athletes because without this league us athletes would not know what to do all year long.¨ Moreno  also said, “I really like the idea of the Noble League having a page on Facebook because it keeps me updated with all the sports throughout the season and I really appreciate that.¨ Moreno explains why he thinks the page is useful: ¨Sometimes I forget the time and place I play at and I can quickly look  Noble League and it would answer my question. It is also very accessible.¨

Many students have different opinions on how they feel on the Noble League because some like it and others do not.