Friends outweigh your boo

By Erik Pacheco ’20

Friends: people who you spend a lot of time with, probably even more than your family members. Girlfriend/Boyfriend: someone who you spend huge amounts of time with because they’re the love of your life; your soulmate.

Friends could be there with you through thick and thin. The same thing goes for romantic relationships, but there’s a huge difference between them.


The human race is a very social animal, so being around a lot of people would make you happy because you have people you can lean on in case you have problems with life or just in general. In addition, with friends, you can create tons of memories together until you realize they were just using you for their own personal needs.

That’s right, you heard me. Those so-called “friends” you make during your life can only be using you for their own personal gain. Most of your friends only want to be around you when they see that they can use you for something. Furthermore, some “friends” just hurt you, make fun of you, and just make you feel useless. These are the fake friends you make during school, work, etc. Stay away from fake friends that hurt you. Make sure your happy around the people you hang out with right now because, in the end, it’s your personal happiness that matters.

True friends are like your family except they don’t live with you. You help them; they help you. A true friendship has to have equal attention to both sides, strong communication, and understanding just like a relationship.

Romantic relationships

Oh yes, baby. It’s time to talk about the baby maker: romantic relationships. There’s really nothing wrong with being in love, but it’s who you’re in love with is what matters. As social animals, falling in love is not a shocking moment. Love is a  powerful, complex feeling anyone could feel, but it’s hard to define. For me, love is more than just being interested in someone’s physical appearance; it’s like an emotional attachment towards that one person.

However, having a relationship seems like a waste of time, but it depends on how you are with your lover. When you’re in a relationship, your lover is on the top of your list of people to care about. You remove everyone else from your life just to please your significant other. It’s not supposed to be like this. Don’t get me wrong though, time spent with that one person that makes you feel happy and makes you feel like nothing is wrong in the world is very amazing and valuable. Cherish your lover.

Conclusion Friendships would, many times, outweigh romantic relationships just because friends would be there for you through your hardest moments, and you should take that into consideration when you or your friend enter a relationship. Don’t throw someone who’s been your friend for a long time just because you’re in a relationship now. There is enough time for your friends and your lover.