Freshmen getting settled into ROTC

Freshmen getting settled into ROTC

By Perla Flores ’19, Cesar Perez ’19, Patrick Stone ’19,  Adamaris Reyes ’19

Freshmen students are getting settled into  the ROTC elective in the first months of school to become more discipline and gain leadership. This elective focuses mainly on discipline and responsibility. Sophomore Monica Diaz, said that, “ROTC is very different from other electives because ROTC helps you try to find yourself from within and helps you become more respectful.” Diaz also said, “ROTC gives you a leadership position so you can deal with life’s obstacles”. Diaz explained that “ROTC brings the loud in you and you’re willing to have the chance to step up but, also to come out of your shell to speak up. Diaz said,”She likes wearing the uniform because she is proud to represent the Marines corps junior reserve officers training corps”.

ROTC is a program to teach students how to behave and earn respect. Freshman Fatima Huazano ’19 explains how her routine is. “First we get are breakfast and when we finish our breakfast we go into formation” formation is one part of ROTC that is important” she also has different experiences from her previous school Marine Leadership  academy she says “Marine Leadership Academy doesn’t expect much from you they don’t get angry when you don’t do what’s told” but at pritzker everything is different you have to do what’s told or you will face consequences I think Pritzker is better than MLA” ROTC is a good opportunity to learn respect and to do good in life.

Of course it is not easy for anyone to adapt so quickly in a strict environment. Gunny the ROTC instructor expects  each student to learn and follow the routine and rules that is required for this elective; so far these new students have gotten the hang of things and some have even proven themselves. At one point Gunny mentioned how this class was about building self- reliance and leadership how their main priority was respect. There is no doubt that there is a lot to learn about this class. But these ROTC students have gradually learned to adapt.

ROTC students have to say “yes sir” to their commander. They  have to stand up and they  don’t get  a desk to sit in. ROTC is an elective freshman pick for four years to gain experience from and learn many things while freshman are  in that elective.