Freshmen adjust to Pritzker

By Citlaly Leyva ‘21

The class of 2023 has been in Pritzker for about a month, and the students have run into complications because of the transition from middle school to high school. 

The switch between being an eighth-grader and a ninth-grader has had an effect on the students’ life. Teachers at Pritzker set high expectations when students walk through the front doors of the school. Students are expected to have their homework done on the first day of school without getting a LaSalle and have everything they need for class.

The high school environment can be difficult to adjust to. Litzaira Paz, a freshman, said, “It’s all up to me to get to class, teachers aren’t reminding me to do the homework.” Ashley Prudente, a freshman, also said, “In my middle school, I could do anything I wanted to without getting in trouble.”

Being at a new school can be challenging because students need to get used to “getting their materials for every class,” as Paz stated. The system with lockers is just one of those challenging tasks. Going back and forth to the students’ locker takes a lot of the time from passing periods. Prudente added, “The hardest thing right now is being able to get into my locker and being able to open it.” 

The decision of an elective: Band, Journalism, MCJROTC, or Choir at Pritzker is a way to adjust to the school. Prudente explained, “The elective decision was not very hard.” Similarly, Paz agreed that the elective decision was not hard because she knew she “liked to write” so the choice came to her. 

Since freshmen have been in Pritzker for a while, they had the time to adjust to the environment and meet new people. Paz is getting used to getting everything she needs for each class. Paz does not  feel like “a lost animal in the wilderness” anymore. Prudente has also got the skill of knowing where her classes are and what shortcuts to take. Joshua Bustamante, freshman, said, “I still have trouble getting demerits instead of merits, which is a problem.” 

Freshmen have grown to hate or love Pritzker because Pritzker  has many strict rules like being on task all the time or if not you get demerits. Students in every grade level need to go by these rules. One thing that Prudente enjoys about Pritzker is “getting to walk all around school and walking up and down the stairs to get to her class[es].” Paz also said that she enjoys the “freedom” that they get because teachers are not on their backs telling them what to do and treating them like little kids. 

Getting to know the people in Pritzker was not that difficult because “my sister [comes] here and my friends from middle school came to Pritzker too,” said Prudente. Prudente was forced to come to Pritzker, but she is learning to “like it.” Unlike Paz, who “wanted to come to Pritzker.” 

The freshmen are looking forward to the events Pritzker is going to host; homecoming,  spirit week, and student versus teacher games.