Freshman athlete star: Marina Frayre

Frayre, goalie, after game vs. Speer on 3/24.

By Skylah Martinez ’21

This young athlete has already made two varsity teams her first year at Pritzker. She has become well known to coaches and has already made her name known throughout the school. Her name is Marina Frayre.

Frayre is currently playing Varsity Soccer for Pritzker. She has been playing since she was little and was really confident she had made the team. Without a doubt, she did. She was also on the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team during the winter season. She also played basketball before high school “but not as competitive,” she stated.

When asked how she felt about being the freshman who made the varsity team, Frayre stated, “Making [the] varsity {team] as a freshman made me feel invigorating and made me feel more comfortable at the school.”

Frayre has good relationships with her team and coaches. On the field, she is a goalie. This is her first time playing this position, so this is very new to her. She communicates with her teammates as they kick the ball around. She has worked really hard to grow in both basketball and soccer. She feels her teams are “very united and are always helping each other out on and off the field.”

She expressed that it was “very exciting” to make another varsity team. She knows that being on the girls varsity team is a pretty big deal since they have won the past four Noble championships.

Frayre has learned how to communicate from being on both teams and  how to work with others. Before, she would have preferred staying to herself or trying to run things her way.

“I plan on playing these sports throughout my 4 years and plan on doing a sport in the summer as well. I think it’s a great way to get enrichment credit and  enjoy what I am doing.” Frayre is considering joining rugby this coming up year.

It isn’t easy for a freshman to face upperclassmen who have most likely been on the varsity teams previous year. Through all the falls, balls kicked in her face, losses, amazing wins, and some blood and tears, Frayre is ready to return to her sport next year.