Freezing temperatures make everybody leave Pritzker

Freezing temperatures make everybody leave Pritzker

By Citlali Sanchez ’21

Many did things similar to each other during the two days off from school due to low temperatures. Some of the most popular activities were watching Netflix shows or movies and cooking.

Katie Curtin, Journalism teacher, made bread on the first day off (Tuesday). Curtin states, “I made Naan, an Indian flatbread, where I had to roll out each piece individually.” Curtin added that she made 25 pieces of it and she was really excited. After that, she proceeded to start her work.

Curtin found out, Wednesday night, that her upstairs neighbor’s pipe were frozen. She was afraid that her apartment would get flooded due to that incident. Later the next day, she realized that her pipes were also frozen. However, with the help of Pam Johnson, the Dean of Culture, they fixed the problem.  

Bryan Williams, a World History teacher,  worked on a 1000 piece Michigan State Stadium puzzle with his fiancee. Williams also watched a show called True Detective and said it is about a missing girl. Williams also cooked food. “[I] tried to stay as warm as possible [and] didn’t step outside once.” Williams stated.

Tomas Castellanos, a freshman, spent the days off watching movies and feeling stressed out about school. Castellanos said his family gathered in one house to be together and to watch movies. Castellanos added that they mostly watched comedy movies and “things that were fun.”

Although it sounds like Castellanos had a great two days off, he mentioned that he was not too happy being out of school. Castellanos stated, “My grades [are] going to go down because I didn’t go the first two days of second semester.” Castellanos wanted to go back to school to make sure his grades would go up and not have to worry about it.

Yaxeny Erazo, also a freshman, stayed home and relaxed. Erazo said she only watched TV and “ate the same thing over and over again.” Erazo said she binge watched  Grey’s Anatomy the two days off.  She said that the only day she went out was to see the lake. “It was cold and it look[ed] frozen, but it was really, really cold,” Erazno expressed.

Now we are back in school and ready to learn. Remember to stay warm and safe.