Fortunate students to take trip to Italy!

By Angel Olanda ’17 and Michelle Perez ’17

Pritzker students of all grade levels had the opportunity to apply last year to go visit Italy over the summer of 2015. They are expected to leave on June 26  and return on July 4. The goal is to let students visit and explore new and foreign  environments while enjoying historical sites.

Students are given  similar opportunities every  other summer to attend a trip like this, giving them enough time to save up money. Every trip is different, and students help decide what part of the world to go to next. They are expected to pay for their own fees, including plane tickets, food, souvenirs, etc.

Senior paraprofessional Gina Portelli, who will be attending the trip as a chaperone, mentioned her thoughts towards the fundraisers so far. The students’ biggest success towards raising money has been from the Chipotle fundraiser. They raised around $700 to $800, which seems like plenty of money, but, according to Portelli, “is not as much money as we expected.” Portelli also mentioned, “It’s important to travel to another country because you experience a different culture and also see historical landmarks while tasting delicious food.”

The students attending the trip have also given  positive feedback towards their upcoming trip as it gets closer and closer. Sophomore  Emily Bahena mentioned how she is so eager to go to Italy and finds it “totally worth it” as being part of her 15th birthday gift. She also commented on how excited she is to finally visit a foreign country and hopes to make lots of memories and “eat a lot of pizza.”

Another student attending the trip, sophomore Marlene Betancourt, said she is very excited to go to Italy and hopes “to learn  about Italian culture and visit historical places.” She also explained how one of her motivations to go was to create a better bond with her advisory sisters since some of her fellow advisees are going as well.  

The staff and students have done  similar trips  like these for a couple years already and have enjoyed them. The teachers who are going are excited to attend yet another trip with students they don’t know and  hear about their opinions towards this year’s  journey.