Fortnite at Pritzker!

Visual of taking a victory on Fortnite.

By Chris Ticas ’20

Have you heard of Fortnite? It is arguably one of the most known video games of the year, and 2017. Fortnite takes you to an immense island where you and 99  other players fight until there is 1 player left. This game has gained lots of popularity. The game is free to play, so it is easily accessible. It brings competition, survival, stress,  and fun into one game. I would say it’s a bit like Pritzker. The popularity of the game has grown so much that students at Pritzker even play it. Why do they play it so much? Have they lost sleep because of it? Is it the best game on the market? How is it even free? How does it affect their school life?

The game allows for three different types of modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad. They are self-explanatory, but in the Squad mode, it’s up to 4 players. Once you choose a certain mode, you will go against players in that mode only. Seniors Hernan Bueno and Juvenal Bueno are avid players of the game on Xbox One. They refer to themselves as “The Splash Brothers” because of the amount of victories they’ve had.

Hernan expressed that he feels anger when he is eliminated from the game. Anger might be seen a lot at Pritzker in the case of taking a loss at a Basketball game. It’s easy to say that Hernan would gain a lot of support with his reaction to “taking an L.” Hernan also stated a great point relating to one of the 7 Habits: Synergy. “Survival and Teamwork. I want to survive, but I also do not want my teammates to get killed.” Hernan also expressed a valuable life lesson from playing Fortnite. One of the valuable things he got from the game was Teamwork. Teamwork is a vital part of problem-solving, whether it is in the real world or just a video game. Using other people to solve a problem will not just teach you another way around the world, but you will get to know the more about the person themselves.

We also have Juvenal Bueno. The second passionate player of the game. Obviously, he is not the only one along with Hernan, but they are the “Splash Brothers.” Additionally, they’re not actually brothers! Juvenal stated, “I play Squads because I enjoy playing  with friends, and it’s the best way to play.” Again the use of synergy is brought up. It’s seen that it is better when you have a group with you than being alone, and in high school this is major. Especially in Pritzker, where many classes try student led techniques, and desks are placed in a group format to reduce the amount of loneliness. Juvenal also stated that he learned more about friendships while playing Fortnite. “I learned that Fornite can make or break friendships because if one your friends leaves you to get loot once you’re down, it really shows who’s there for you and who’s not.”

In the end, Fortnite has taught “The Splash Brothers” valuable lessons relating to  friendships, survival, teamwork, and overall decision making. Fortnite is a fun game, no doubt about it. When you actually look into the principles of the game, that is when you see the things that cause the popularity behind it, the reactions to certain parts of it, and the real world lessons of it.