Foreseeing the ball of snow

    By Argenis Salgado ’21 

Joy and laughter surround a group of unknown people in a camp. Soon the unknown becomes the known. It’s  2020 Snowball! Snowball is a retreat in which students (snowballers) and selected leaders go out to a camp and stay there for three days. While at the retreat, students and leaders interact with one another in different activities. During the trip, students do not have access to their phones and that makes social interactions much more meaningful.

With Snowball slowly approaching, many past snowballers are looking forward to the retreat. They expect a lot of new experiences and friendships. Many of the snowballers who went the previous year can hardly contain their excitement. Anabel Arevalo, a junior, said, “I’m mostly looking forward to the activities that we do and the chance to meet and interact with new students and teachers.” Diogo Garcia, a senior, is looking forward to the sleeping cabin with the “Boysss” because of the strong bonds further developed.

The expectations for snowballers are not too complex.  Arevalo expects more people to join because of how much hype is circling Snowball this year. Additionally, Arevalo said that the way she was encouraged to join was through snowball’s fanbase formed by teachers and students. Garcia expects a bit more compared to Arevalo, he said he expects  ”More interactive speakers or even some comedians to lighten things even more.” 

These previous snowballers have said they encouraged people to go because of the unique experience, character development, confidence boost, and social development that students and teachers alike can develop or obtain. Arevalo stated, “It helped me grow as an individual and expanded my  social skills even further.” Likewise, Garcia also recommends Snowball to anyone because “Snowball is a place where you can be yourself,” he stated, “you will not get judged.”

Overall, many snowballers have different expectations, different reasons for going, and different memories to take home from Snowball. Others cannot wait for the fantastic friendships to happen. Snowball is a place where people take joy to be in and help relieve their stress.