“Ford v Ferrari”: Ups and downs

Movie ticket from movie Ford v. Ferrari.

By Alondra Del Toro ’22

With its excellent actors and amazing soundtrack, “Ford v Ferrari” manages to keep its audience in their seats. 


Ford is on a mission to build one of the fastest race cars the world has ever seen. Along the way, Ford decides to hire Carrol Shelby, who is in charge of building and assigning the race car to a driver, Ken Miles. Along the way, both Shelby and Miles encounter struggles together, like their opposing team Ferrari and the people at the Ford company who dislike them.

Together Miles and Shelby learn to work as a team to become the best one at the 24-hour race in Le Mans, France. Based on the true story of racer, Miles, we learn along the way about the struggles that he had to overcome, and how he knew he couldn’t give up on his dream. Even almost having to give up racing entirely, after having his garage closed down by the IRS that is until Shelby hired him. We can see that even through everything Miles has gone through he could never give up on his dream, racing. 


Christian Bale, who plays Ken Miles, and Matt Damon, who plays Carrol Shelby, are both very stupendous actors. When the film gets to a point of excitement. During the race we can see just how these two actors work together amazingly, to produce the fastest race car and accomplish things never done in the history of race car driving, let alone in a 24-hour race.


The songs played an important role in setting the scene of the film; it truly gives the film a sense of excitement depending on the scene. The song “Polk Salad Annie” by James Burton, tells about a point in the film where you can begin to see the progress of Shelby, Miles, and their team. Coming together to do the best that they could to produce a racecar. 

The song “Le Mans 66” by Marco Beltrami, highlights an important scene in                                                          the film of the perseverance of Miles, to go above and beyond in the race, and to prove to all those who doubted him, wrong. Even through everything, this song is able to highlight the importance of succeeding, going above and beyond someone’s limits, and to not let anything or anyone drag them down. The ending of this song gives us a sense of accomplishment


Some say that the film was a “little too long”, there were unnecessary scenes, and that the film took too long to get to the point. Which some of are correct, as I can’t deny the fact of all those points because, to be honest, the beginning of the film was very dull and unnecessary to the whole plot of the film. 

Finally, once you get towards the ending of the film you can really begin to appreciate the film. You can see that it wasn’t all for nothing because that’s when all the excitement of the film comes into play, to give you the best race of your life.

  • PG-13
  • Release date: Nov. 15, 2019
  • 2h 32m