Football’s first loss of the season in a close game against Senn High

Football’s first loss of the season in a close game against Senn High

By Skylah Martinez ’21

The Football team faced Nicholas Senn High School on Friday, Sept. 20. The game took place at Winnemac Park Stadium at 4 p.m. Senn played home and Pritzker played guest. 

The kick-off took place at 4:15. Both teams started off strong at the beginning of the game with good defense played by both teams. Their score remained 0-0 until Senn scored the first two touchdowns. Later on, in the first quarter, Pritzker scored two touchdowns done by senior JanCarlos Berrios and sophomore Enrique Rivera. 

In the second quarter, Senn scored another touchdown holding their winning position. Before halftime, the score was 20-14 with Senn in the lead. 

In the third quarter, Senn made yet another touchdown bringing their score up to 26. Once realizing the strengths of their opponents, Pritzker started to move the ball forward toward their touchdown zone. 

Now, Senn is playing defense and Pritzker is offense. When forming the alignment to make a play, the referee kept blowing his whistle and calling errors against Pritzker, causing the line to be pushed back. After three whistles, Pritzker’s football coach, and PE teacher, Mark Rychlik called a timeout. At this time, there were 5:32 remaining of the third quarter.

Senior Jacob Rodriguez passed the ball to another player who caught it on the 10-yard line, but players from Senn tackled him. From this yard line, Pritzker had the ball and was forming an alignment to make a play. When the whistle was blown, junior Antwine Johnson took the ball and ran toward a touchdown. After scoring a touchdown, he also scored a two-point conversion. This brought the Jaguar’s score up to 22, bringing Pritzker closer to taking the lead.

Senn coaches start to yell at players on the field because they were determined to win the game. Shortly after, Senn ran a touchdown bringing their score up to 34. You could see the shift in the emotions of all players on the field. There was an altercation between junior Marcell Alfaro and a player from Senn’s team causing the refs to blow their whistles while trying to break them apart. Alfaro expressed, “I mean the dude from the other team pushed me and started saying things, so I started saying things back.” 

Once the game resumed, the refs had to call a timeout because Berrios was laying on the field unable to get back up after a tackle. At this moment, all the players took a knee until Berrios was back up and able to walk.

The game ended with the score being 34-22. Johnson stated, “I feel like we should of been able to win that game.” Alfaro agreed to this statement and added: “I feel like we could’ve won the game. [The team] just started off bad, and I guess we weren’t really trying hard for the W in the beginning.” 

The Pritzker Jaguars’ next game is taking place on Oct. 5 at Lane Tech against Foreman High School.