Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse: Meat lovers paradise

             By Mirna Pineda ’21

Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse has eye-catching decor, an impressive customer service, and magnificent food.

The restaurant is located in the River North area. People are required to make reservations in advance. The restaurant is very similar to a buffet.  The thing that makes this restaurant so unique is its system: Customers are given cards with two sides, one green and one red. A customer must flip the green side up when ready to be served meat. One must flip the card to the red side when done.

When walking through the entrance, the benches were set up as a waiting area. The place has substantial chandeliers above the salad bar. Flower bouquets are set up around the restaurant, emanating a paradise vibe. The smell of flowers made it feel like a happy environment. The restaurant had a broaden appeal with many rooms. The tables are set up properly with white linen tablecloth making it feel fancier than any other restaurant.

As soon as my family and I entered the restaurant, we were greeted with a friendly attitude. The servers made the atmosphere feel happy. They made sure to ask for beverage refills, and I noticed that servers would pass by to make sure we were happy with our food and service. When slicing the meat the waiters explained what meat they had brought to the table and where it came from. The waiters are expected to accommodate many tables at a time. I liked how they weren’t too rushed to leave our table. They were consistent by asking if the customer needs anything rather than having to go up and ask a worker. Each waiter asks the patron how he or she wants their meat to be cooked and cuts it in front of them. The food itself was very unique. Even though I’m not much of a meat lover, I still thought the food was excellent. Customers are indulged to an ultimate salad bar with different kinds of salads, vegetables, and fruits: potato salad, kale salad, bell peppers, and watermelon.  Customers are able to pick from variety of meats, such as picanha, lamb, sirloin steak, and bacon wrapped steak.

Although the place has wonderful food, some claim that the service for reservations is poor. If the customer arrives late, according to Fogo’s policy, then their reservations time might be affected. There is a lunch and dinner time to pick from. Each is a different price. But the restaurant is clear that it is important for customers to arrive to their given time.

  • Price range from $30 to $50
  • Located downtown loop  661 N LaSalle Dr, Chicago, IL 60654
  • Hours 11 a.m to 10 p.m