First Wrestling match of  the year!

A picture of the wrestling team in the first match of the season!

By Hernan Bueno ’18 and Monica Delgado ’18

What is wrestling?

Wrestling is a sport in which you try to take down your opponent. Wrestling involves two competitors trying to pin each other down in order to gain more points for the team.

How are the matches scored?

The point of a wrestling match is to bring down your opponent, however, that is not always the case. Wrestling matches are scored at the end. Some techniques can earn the wrestlers either one, two, or three points. A wrestler’s technique can also earn his opponent points, such as, an illegal hold, unsportsmanlike conduct, unnecessary roughness, near fall,  or a stalling. An escape can earn the wrestler one point, meanwhile, a takedown or a reversal earns the wrestler two points. Furthermore, if a flagrant misconduct takes place, the match is over.

Why doesn’t Pritzker compete with other Noble schools?

Pritzker, alongside Gary Comer, are the only Noble schools with a wrestling team. Gunny hopes to develop his wrestling team to the varsity level, “in wrestling it takes two, three years to build your team, we still don’t have a cord […] Alfaro is going to be the cord of this wrestling team, that’s going to be the future.” The new wrestlers that joined the team this year are giving Pritzker high hopes of having a varsity wrestling team in the making.

Who was involved and where did the match take place?

The match took place in Sullivan High School, located in the northside of Chicago. Sullivan had an all male wrestling team, meanwhile, Pritzker had their only female wrestler Jennifer Cortez, senior, alongside 10 other male wrestlers. Most of the wrestlers are rookies, meaning it is their first year being a part of the wrestling team.  However, the rookies are being mentored by the experienced wrestlers from the team, as Cortez stated. “We have new members, we are kind of behind so we have to get that [knowledge of wrestling] up.”

What were the final results?

The final results included nine total losses from round one and two. Pritzker took a total of five wins that night. The first win coming from George Arroyo, junior, whom lasted throughout all of his three periods, as well as Angel Baez, freshman. Marcell Alfaro, freshman, was faced with a difficult task during his first match round, but was then able to redeem himself during his second match. “I had to wrestle someone that is 20 pounds bigger than me and then I got tired and he won […] then I wrestled someone my size and I came back and won, it was fun.” Christian Luciano, sophomore, also had an outstanding night by winning both of his matches.

How did the wrestlers feel about the first match of the season?

Most of the wrestlers were proud of what they had completed in their first meet of the season. It was certainly not the best meet, but they know they all gave it their all. Jennifer Cortez, senior, stated, “I feel like we could have done better, but it is our first one [match] so I am not going to beat myself about it because we know the mistakes we made and what we can do to improve for the first meet.”   

Who are people that you wanted to give shout outs to?

Freshman, Angel Baez, wanted to shout out the team and coaches for working together to improve each other’s skills, “I want to give a shout out to the whole team for practicing together, and also the coaches for helping us improve.”

Who was involved in this wrestling meet?

Female wrestlers: Jennifer Cortez (12).

Male wrestlers:  Elias Badillo (9), George Arroyo (11), Marcell Alfaro (9), Raul Baez (11), Angel Baez (9), David Barrera (10), Joshua Soto (12), Christian Luciano (10) , Giovanny Murillo (9), and Daniel Ojeda (12).

Managers: Tania Adame (12) and Diana Herrera (11)