FIFA 17: the Journey is Amazing!

FIFA 17 picture

By Raul Andrade ’17

Start off playing FIFA 17 facing big European teams. Play your own style and take your team to victory.

FIFA 17 is a soccer game made by EA Sports. It was released Sept. 27, 2016. A game in which you have many options to play online with friends and even offline options to play with. Let’s say seasons online, Pro Clubs online, Ultimate team online and just friendly matches against friends. FIFA also released The Journey.

On seasons online mode, you start in division 10 and are required to get some points in 10 games to be promoted, until you reach division one. Win, tie, or lose you either get the points you need or else you’ll be demoted.

Pro Clubs online is when you create your own character and being that soccer player. You create or join a team with friends and play as a team. Positions you can play: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or a striker. As you play in that position and improve so you can overall increase as you play game and score goals. It is up to 11v11 in that match, but you will need a max of two players in each team in order to play against each other.

Ultimate team is you building a squad. You gotta get coins when you play games in order to buy players off the transfer market. Once you buy the players, make sure you can have chemistry and overall with them to have a powerful squad to lead you to victory.

The Journey was released this year for the first time in all FIFA series. Introducing Alex Hunter, the man you will be playing with and controlling. The way you play and start of your career to make it far. It is a story in which your career starts and you got to make it your best. Do not just talk but show your actions in the field and prove the haters wrong.

FIFA has a lot of celebrations for when you score a goal. Many of you have heard about the hotline bling dance or the dab. Well when you score in FIFA you can celebrate doing the dab created by Paul Pogba, Manchester United player. The hotline bling dance was created by Antoine Griezmann.

“FIFA 17 career mode and The Journey might be the same. It is just different players and the difficulty.” People can say  it is the same thing, but it isn’t too honest. Career mode you create a player and a career with any soccer team you want while in The Journey you get opportunities for you to talk and give out your actions to others. Words can sometimes have more meaning than actions in that you make in the field.

  • 4/5 game
  • Released September 27, 2016
  • $59.99 at stores like Target, Walmart, Gamestop