Feel Good Friday

This is what sophomores saw when they attended advisory, a presentation about Feel Good Friday. Photo Credit: Jaime Aguilar

By Jaime Aguilar ’21

On Friday, March 22, sophomore students and teachers took part in an event called Feel Good Friday. This event was a day in which both students and teachers discussed the topic of stress. In the month of March, there were very few days off within the weekdays. In fact, the only day that students had off was the first of March. These constant workdays mean that students have a constant workload.

Kevin Lima, a sophomore, mentioned that this constant workload within the month of March caused a large amount of stress towards him. Lima also mentioned that a way for him to release that stress is to ride his bike. Many students like Lima have their own methods of releasing that continuity of stress.  

Lima stated, “When I got to first period, I expected a quiz but when found out we had a chill day with no homework I was excited.” Lima, like many other sophomores, were hit with a surprise because the sophomore teachers did not mention it to them. Lizbeth Robles, a sophomore, mentioned that she first got to experience feel good Friday in her third period. The reason was that she has AP World History first period; the AP World History class did not partake in the event because their focus is to prepare for the upcoming AP exam. Robles mentioned that her second period consisted of gym and that she just took a practice test there.

Robles said, “[The teachers] showed us ways they deal with stress and how it has helped them in the long run.”

At the start of their first period, sophomores were given an article to read and a reflection sheet to fill out throughout the whole day. Students were required to fill out the front side of the sheet. They also had to answer questions regarding the topic of stress. In the back of the sheet, students were expected to fill out what they had done for every class they attended. Lima mentioned that he was not a big fan of writing out a reflection sheet. He went on by mentioning that he did know why they did it because it was needed for his advisory.

Robles said, “The whole idea of students filling out their reflection sheets was not the best idea because most of [the students] did not fill it out.”

Robles and Lima both mentioned the fact that having this day temporarily helped them release that stress and it also made them relax. Different teachers had different activities planned out, so there was no redundancy in terms of what to do.

If another event like this were to occur, both Lima and Robles did not mind the whole idea of it because they got the chance to relax for most of the day.