Favorite memories: Class of 2020

Favorite memories: Class of 2020

“It was in sophomore year in Mr. Williams’s 1st period World History class. We were on the subject of the American Revolution, and Mr. Williams asked a friend of mine (she doesn’t like being mentioned or having the spotlight) “who won the American Revolution?” She was completely confused because she was caught off guard. She then asked “what was the question?” Mr. Williams replied, “Who won the American Revolution: the British or the Americans?” She then answered hesitantly, “The British?” We all knew she was serious, so a lot of us tried our best not to burst out in laughter. It was just one of those moments, I guess. She informed me later on that she was just caught off guard and was confused about the whole thing. The good news is that she snapped out of it moments later and said the Americans won the American Revolution; SPOILER ALERT: they did.” – Josh Kelly

“My favorite Pritzker memory would be breakfast in Civics because my table and I would always take food but one time we took grapes and started to share them with the table next to us because we had a lot and we wanted to finish them fast because class had already started.” – Yareli Garcia

“My favorite memory at Pritzker will have to be when Erik Pacheco and/or Juan Pardo would knock out in the bus while we were on our way to a Cross Country meet. It was hilarious because both of ’em would sleep with their mouths open!” – Jonathan Orihuela

“My favorite Pritzker memory would have to be winning the gym student of the month award. That was my favorite moment because when Ms. Cross called my name, I knew that my hard work was being recognized. I also enjoyed everyone cheering.” – Al Green

“My favorite Pritzker memory is when I was accepted to go to Panama through Global Glimpse, along with Lizette and Brisa.” – Lizbeth Martinez

“One of my favorite memories that comes to mind is when Raquel Valentin and I had the help from the Cross and Rosentel advisory to plan a surprise baby shower for Ms. Cross.– Ariana Valentin

“My favorite Pritzker memory was our first PepsiCo Championship my sophomore year. The Girls Soccer Varsity Team had played three other games before the championship. When the championship game came, every single Varsity played with heart and we won. After the game, each player got a Pepsi bottle and shaked it, and we all got soaked with Pepsi. It was a great day.” – Denise Jimenez

“I guess my favorite Pritzker memory was back in 2017 when I went out of my way in the Speech Team and did an acting piece. I teamed up with Issac Santana and we did a duet piece called “Only Kidding”. Overall it was a fun experience since I had a chance to be loud and angry. I remembered one time when I was rehearsing my lines near the stairwell, I remembered Mr. Watkins told me that I was so convincing that Ms. Austin thought that two students were fighting nearby the stairs even though it was just me running through lines. In addition, one time when we were rehearsing for the piece, Issac was supposed to push me to a table and when I landed the table fell with me, so for over a year that table was kinda unstable, and Watkins had to tape the thing up.” – Joe Reyna

“Performing at the 2018 Talent show. It was a full on performance from Latin Jaguars, choreographed by my old teacher, Mr. Salgado.” – Stephanie Resendiz

“It was during my Junior year. I had put a lot of work in my Advanced Symphonic Band class during my first two years of being at Pritzker. And the best day of my life suddenly happened during my first month of Junior year, I was invited by Mr. Das to join Honors Band. Mr. Das saw a lot of potential in me and decided to invite me. Mr. Das made me a better musician during my years at Pritzker. I had a little experience when I first started at Pritzker, but he taught me new and better techniques than what I currently knew.” – Efren Meza

“The 2017 Pritzker Jazz Band Trip to Boston (during my freshman year).” – Exavier De La Cruz

“My favorite memory at Pritzker was when Ms. Meyers told the IB Senior class that she was engaged and then I turned around to see Pricilla Segura and what seemed like half of the class crying.” – Emily Pereznegron

“ My favorite memories were when we have our dress down day as pajamas day & twin day and etc…. And finally getting my first on a long time twinzies with my best and known friend Makyla💖” –Eulalia Silverio

“My favorite memory at Pritzker would have to be every “Wellness Wednesday” Mr. Bruce had given the IB class. The official name was “Wellness Wednesday”, but the class referred to it as “nap time” because that’s what everyone did. We all took a nap every Wednesday to help calm us from all of the deadlines/assignments/essays we had.” -Kayla Cruz

“My favorite moments during senior year we’re when I’d be sitting with Michelle Cruz in Journalism looking for events in the school calendar to photograph, and somehow I would always find myself looking at May and June with her and we’d always tell each other, “we’re really going to graduate.”” – Jenny Aguilar

“My favorite memory in Pritzker was in MCJROTC. Gunny made that class fun with all his exercises and all his story times that eventually lead us to a life lesson that we all seniors in ROTC will take with us forever. Totally going to miss his rants about his life to just prove us wrong and tell us what life really is about.” – Dafne Justo

“My favorite Pritzker memory is when I threw Xiomara Arzate’s Pink Hollister Sweater out of a bus window. I meant to throw it at Christian Luciano but apparently the bus is a vacuum and sucks the sweater. I got scolded by Ms. Allen while Damary Rodriguez recorded it. Every year that video pops up.” – Bianca Rodriguez

“October 18, 2019 was my senior night for rugby but it was also when I got my concussion. I didn’t really care about my concussion during the end of the game because my teammates were telling me that we were winning. Madeline Vado and Mr. Hernandez made the trip to the hospital and staying in the hospital so much better they were making jokes and somehow found toys to play with. I’m glad I had them to get my mind off of things even though Mr. Hernandez didn’t really have a choice.” – Jazmin Tello

“My favorite Pritzker memory was going to Homecoming my first time because it was a perfect way to know the school’s spirit and I made my friends with a lot of the people in other grades.” – Yesenia Martinez

“My favorite Pritzker memory seeing Robert Soto crawl through my window to open the door because I left my keys inside the house…more than once.” – Allen Trinidad

“My best moment at Pritzker was receiving student of the quarter for Algebra I from Ms. Haider. This was during lunch freshman year.” – Jahson Galvan

“One of my favorite memories was sophomore year when we had a big group. I don’t remember why we had this big group specifically, but I remember we were playing a game similar to “Family Feud”. It was the boy advisories against the girl advisories and I remember everyone being really rowdy and very competitive.” – Michelle Cruz

“My favorite memory was when Ms. Knoche asked me about the possibilities of me wanting to be a nurse and I said “no, my sister says that as a nurse you have to clean old people’s behinds.” There was a quick awkward silence then we both started laughing.” – Ashley Medina

“My favorite Pritzker memory is bringing back home the Noble League Cheer Championship after all our hard work and dedication.” – Valeria Valdez

“My best memory was in Freshman year when I achieved over 80 Sit ups in one go.” – Iker Gomez

“When I was giving a serious speech to the cheer team and Ms. Young accidentally cut me off by turning in the music and lighting up the mood.” – Noel Candelaria

“My favorite Pritzker memory was when I got a high honor roll my junior year. It was on report card pick up Ms. Fifolt was there and she gave me the certificate of high honor roll and I started to cry. Those tears were tears of joy because my hard worked showed on that certificate.” – Alexa Martinez

“Best Pritzker memory was winning the Noble League Championship [for soccer] in Junior year with my teammates. It was something I was looking forward to when I was starting high school. I surely cannot forget the fun memories I made with friends at school.” – Marco Roman

“I really enjoyed my sophomore year when I took chemistry with Ms. Lee because for me it wasn’t very hard, and I liked my groups. Also, I loved to work out, core and cardio with Ms lee as well, because that year I really did took care of myself. It was an amazing year.” – Elizabeth Godoy

“My favorite Pritzker memory was taking a seat at the lunch table. After having a long hard day, I was happy knowing I could sit and talk with my best friends. We had some great moments filled with laughs, drama, and unforgettable memories.” – Crystal Mastache

Mr. Wetmore dancing in the gym when doing workouts.” – Alejandro Licea

“My favorite Pritzker memory was when us seniors went to the boat trip.” – Diana Rea