“Father of 4”: Offset’s astounding solo statement album

A Spotify screenshot of the Father of 4 album. Photo Credit: Jesus Guerrero

By Jesus Guerrero ’21

A successful trio like Migos in the modern day hip-hop scene is hard to find. Now, all three Migos members have released solo albums. When Quavo (proclaimed lead member of Migos) released “Quavo Huncho,” the other two members, Takeoff and Offset, decided to drop their own solo albums as well. Takeoff released “The Last Rocket” a month after Quavo’s “Quavo Huncho” and now, Offset has dropped “Father of 4.” Offset’s “Father of 4” tackles the story of his four children, new solo verses, and big songs with featured artists.

The overall purpose that this album is trying to grasp the story of Offset’s four children, which haven’t been in the spotlight at all. Offset mainly talks about his children in his verses in the opener “Father of 4” song and continues to distinctly bring them up in other songs. Although, a lot of the time, the shift focuses off his children in a lot of songs, which left a lot of listeners questioning the whole purpose of the album in the first place.

Offset did a good job on his major solo verses now that he was soloing most of his songs. Songs like “Don’t Lose Me” and “Underrated” held good verses from Offset himself, whereas other songs like “Lick” seem to sometimes question his ability of whether he can even handle rapping by himself.

Now, Offset connects with a lot of other rappers on most of this album. Big names like Travis Scott, Gunna, 21 Savage, J Cole, and even Offset’s spouse, Cardi B, appear on this album. But of course, big names on albums doesn’t always mean their songs are good. Songs like “Clout” and “Quarter Milli” did disappoint, whereas songs like “Legacy” and “Wild Wild West” held the spotlight in the featured artists category.

Overall, this album was pretty decently produced for a first album. There could have been more time put into this, but the statement was made that Offset can connect with others and doesn’t need to rely on his two Migos.

  • Released: February 22, 2019
  • Genre: Rap
  • 16 songs on the tracklist