Farm Together: The Ultimate Farming Experience

An avatar creation in Farm Together Photo Credit: Ruben Soberanis

By Ruben Soberanis ’19

Immerse into an empty land that waits for somebody to cultivate it with crops, flowers, animals, shops, homes, and more. Farm Together brings farming simulation to a fun and complex era that allows players to indulge in creating custom characters, enjoying the way weather impacts crops, and playing with players from all over the world.

Getting down to the basics

Farm Together is based solely on enjoying a farming experience alone, with random people, or friends. Players start off loading into a world of their choice: Default Terrain, Watery Terrain, Steep Terrain, or Flat Terrain. As people progress in the game, they unlock more crops, animals, and shops. Players are able to sell their goods for diamonds which can be used to buy shops such as a fruit stand or fences.  The game uses real time and even continues when players log off. The goal is to expand your farm as much as anyone can and earn lots of money.

Farmer Jane and Joe

Players create avatars that can look like them. Players can change the height of the avatar and his or her’s skin, hair, and eye color. In addition, they could change outfits, book bags, hair and face styles, and eyewear as they unlock the items. People have the choice of what emotes they want, how their tractor will look, what pet to have, and more.

17 minutes of change

In real life, a season is around three months long. Fear not farmers because each season is only 17 minutes long. Spring and Fall brings showers that help water player’s crops; Summer brings drought; Winter brings snow that prolongs crop growth time. Only certain crops can grow in a certain season and it’s not easy because crops can take minutes or hours to grow.

Lending a helping hand

A great feature is how a player can open their farm to the public, only friends, or just to themselves. When allowing others to join, the player can give permission allowing them to harvest crops and more. Everybody benefits because people get their crops harvested and other players get a boost. The boost allows the helping player to go back to their farm and earn double money when harvesting their own crops.

Jersey Cow Glitch

One bug that came up was when placing three Jersey Cows in a row, the third cow disappears. It’s frustrating because each cow cost $2,025 and people lose the money they spent. Despite the bug, the game is amazing and extremely fun. Whole years and seasons pass by without anybody even knowing it. Farm Together is a game worth the money.

  • Released on console on Feb. 20
  • Price: $19.99
  • Lobby Limit:  2-16 people