Fantasy Island: A Chilling and Intriguing film

By Grecia Avila ’20

Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island is an adventure, horror, and fantasy film created by  Jeff Wadlow and written by Jillian Jacobs, Christopher Roach. The overall elements of the film like the setting and its visuals, as well as the acting and the characters’ dialogue all played a certain role in trying to capture the audience’s attention and to bring attention to the general plot. 

The film is a reboot from a series that ran on ABC in the 1980s. In both the series and the film it demonstrates the idea of teaching people to “be careful what you wish for” to show that even your fantasies can turn into your worst nightmare.

 The film starts with a group of Fantist in the film there are five who have won a contest in which they get to visit the mysterious island to live out their life-long fantasies and the creator of it all is an eerie manager, Mr. Roarke played by Micheal Pena. Then there are two brothers who wish to “have it all”  one of them named J.D. played by Ryan Hansen and Brax Weaver played by Jimmy O. Yang are the ones who dream of having a luxurious life; a woman named Gwen Olsen played by Maggie Q who wants to turn back the time to when she rejected the proposal of her true love: another named Melanie Cole played by Lucy Hale wants payback for her highschool bullying; finally a young man named Patrick Sullivan played by Austin Stowell who was trying to enlist in war and become a hero. 

The film first shows the beautiful scenery of the Island but it hides the horrific secret underneath it. The island with its natural beauty distracts the characters as well as the audience from noticing that it is a trap for anyone who enters it. The film, despite being PG-13, did have a few jump scares and horrific visuals like zombies and other tormenting characters.  

I enjoyed the film but I felt as if it was forcing too much to make sure that both adventure and horror genres mixed well and the dialogue of each of the characters seemed off. There are many who agree and mention their dislikes about the film like the website Variety and the NYtimes shared their own reviews and mention the flaws of the film. I would recommend people to watch the film to test out whether they liked it or not but for me overall it was an intriguing and interesting movie.