Expectations for the football season

Mark Rychlik watches players Alfredo Galvan, a junior, and Victor Degante, the senior captain, tackling each other while the rest of the players and coaches observe. PC: Jennifer Aguilar.

By Griselda Jimenez ’20

The football team has started their season. The coaches, players, and managers go to North-grand/Belvis Park to practice. Players are expected to have a GPA of a 2.3 or higher to be eligible to play or practice.

On Friday Sept. 7, football practice started right on time-at 4 p.m. Every player got ready and in position as soon as they saw football coach Mark Rychlik. Rychlik got the captain of the team to lead the warm up.

Expectations are the most important thing for a player to know. Julian Harris, a senior on the team, said, “Our most important expectation is to go out there on the field and win the game. It’s like a quest that at the end of the game we need to reach in order to win, but there are steps in between to get to it.” Harris explained the first and most important thing he could remember to play the game and know that there are always obstacles in the middle that need to be overcome before winning the game.

Victor Degante, a player on the team,  said, “One of the biggest expectations in our team is to give 100% effort throughout practice and games. We are expected to always play with heart, no matter what goes on the field, win or lose.” Degante also added that the team “plays with focus, which means to understand what is going on in the plays, the snap count, and also view the opposing team skills and play setup.” Degante described how he checks off what he knows needs to be done in order for the team to have good skills.

Rychlik said “If a player ditches a day of practice they are instantly cut off the team and if players [are] caught slacking they are kicked out of the team.” Rychlik has his football players on check and, from what is heard, it is very understood.

Football is an aggressive sport, and it being mentioned by both teammates says that it is one of the most expected things in a game and something that needs to be improved.

Degante says, “Our plan for our games in the future is to come out hungry and ready to play, to play with focus, with heart, and show the crowd/school why we are a team, that are aggressively ready to dominate the opposing team.” Degante wants to improve and show others that not just one loss or a win is the end, that there is always something to improve and that one of them is aggressiveness.

One out of many  from the football expectations is for the players to be like monsters and not be afraid to get hit, if not they won’t last long.

Viewing the practice and learning more about what is expected, both Degante and Harris have thoroughly said what it is like to be on the team and having a way of showing what Rychlik expects from them and for upcoming games.