Everyday: Your Not so Normal Plot

By: Emily Bahena

By Emily Bahena ’17

Everyday is a confusing book from the start to the end. It is written by David Levithan and it is an adult fiction and romance book. It starts off with the day 5994 of A’s life, A is the name of the main character who changes bodies everyday and it’s called “A” because it really has no gender, race, age, or anything. This book starts off being in the body of a teenage boy named Justin. Justin has a girlfriend named Rhiannon and while his body is taken over by A it starts to falls in love with Rhiannon. A travels from body to body from day to day. But when A  meets Rhiannon his life starts to change completely.

From the moment the A  meets Rhiannon it can not stop thinking about her and eventually finds a way to tell Rhiannon what type of thing it’s in. Rhiannon and A start getting along and getting closer each time and soon she starts to fall in love with A too.  They both start to realize that Rhiannon can not be with someone who changes bodies constantly and that she does not feel comfortable when A is in a female body. They realize they can not form the body that A wants and have the kids that A wants or the home A wants. A starts to risk being caught and everyday he changes bodies no matter the distance, the person, or the situation A makes its way to Rhiannon. Things start to get complicated with Rhiannon and eventually things take a different course.

This book if filled with a lot of romance and drama in it. The beginning of the plot it well written, it is confusing to start from where it start but as your read forward it gets easier. However; the ending of the book is not good at all. It leaves you filled with many questions and it does not have a good ending at all and personally it makes you mad.

What is well written though about this book is the way the author presents a teens life. He shows a variety of problems that teens today struggle with from sexuality orientations, to Gender identification, and the different ways that parents approach their kids.

Goodreads rates Everyday a ⅘ stars. They did not go much into details about their rating, but many others on the webpage commented about the plot and the ending. I would as well rate it a ⅘ because the ending made me have strong feelings. It made me upset not to know more about the book from what i wanted to know. Even though the book plot started of confusing that is not even the frustrating part if not it is the ending that gets to you the most. Overall if you are a person into romance and drama and a lots of mystery then this is a book for you!

  • ⅘ Rating from Goodreads
  • Page Count 384
  • Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, Romance
  • Author: David Levithan
  • Price: $9.99 (paper pack)
  • Age Range: 12- 17 Years