“EMMANUEL”: Ameer Vann’s solo public statement

“EMMANUEL”: Ameer Vann’s solo public statement

By Jesus Guerrero ’21

In May of 2018, Ameer Vann was kicked out of the boy band BROCKHAMPTON due to sexual misconduct allegations. Ever since, BROCKHAMPTON dropped two albums, iridescence and GINGER, that were polar opposites of the impact of Vann’s absence. Vann decided to release a solo EP, “EMMANUEL,” after months of absence on social media. “EMMANUEL” is an ambitious musical response, a relieving listening experience, and an overall decent project.

In “EMMANUEL,” Vann addresses recovering from modern-day problems he has encountered, specifically from being alone. Vann addresses “BROCKHAMPTON” quite frequently throughout his album. In the track “Los Angeles,” Vann reminisces about the times where everything was simple and then fast-forwarding to today, when he went through  betrayal from a bandmate. Vann also mentions that he “ain’t no boy in a band, I am more than a man,” which indirectly addresses BROCKHAMPTON’s previously stated phrase, “The world’s greatest boy band.” These are very ambitious outtakes against not only BROCKHAMPTON, but their fanbase as well.     

It’s been quite a while since the people have heard from Vann, and needless to say, he continues to not disappoint. Songs like “Glock 19” and “Los Angeles” give listeners a good whiff of who Vann still is as an artist. Vann was considered highly on BROCKHAMPTON, and his modern-day music continues to reflect that he has not lost his touch.

The EP, overall, while only 6 songs, makes for a decent listening project. It’s not much compared to others, but Vann finally addressed his issues through a musical stance and established his return in the music scene as well. Again, songs like “Los Angeles” take the spotlight and can satisfy the listener for a good while. 

Now, a common argument is that without BROCKHAMPTON, Vann has lost his touch. This can be quickly disproven by the fact that Vann has already had a few singles in the past on his own, and they were successful. After not having heard Vann for a while, fans are going to want to tune in. 

Vann is starting to show that he’s not giving up, no matter how hard life has gotten on him. This EP made lots of statements, directly and indirectly, but it made the most important statement of them all: Vann has returned and seems to show no signs of disimprovement.

  • Released on Sept. 18
  • 6 songs in the tracklist
  • Genre: Rap