El Cubanito: A new style of Cuban food

Steak sandwich with a coffee.

By Jocelyn Delgado’19

El Cubanito is a Cuban restaurant that has a wide selection of appetizing food, it has a renovated space, and respectful service. El Cubanito is located in the Logan Square area, which isn’t that far from the Pritzker Campus. The welcoming restaurant invites you into a whole new world of flavorful foods that will satisfy not only adults, but children too.

Inside of the renovated restaurant, the powerful smell of many different Cuban seasonings pleases the senses of those who dine in. At the counter, there is the front of a vintage car that was restored and is now used  as a counter for the many orders that come in. There is a 1950’s jukebox that plays music to those who choose to listen to it. There is multiple tables for friends and family to come together to enjoy good food and spend quality time with family.

As a guest, it is difficult to choose between an empanada or a steak sandwich: both at which are a reasonable price. The usually outcome of this situation is that the guest ends up buying both items to enjoy. The empanada comes in a small bundle of a type of pastry bread. It is filled with traditionally either steak or chicken. They both are a sensational choice of food.

The steak sandwich is the icing on the cake. It is a well proportioned sandwich that has a latin flavor to it. It also includes potato chip fries on the inside of the inside of the sandwich. El Cubanito is a must try restaurant.  

El Cubanito serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so there must be devoted workers. At the restaurant, the workers are very respectful to their customers. They are part of the reason why many people continue to go back.

Although some may say that their food ends up getting mixed up sometimes,  it is all worth it. No matter what you decide to get, it’ll taste amazing. El Cubanito is a restaurant that you must go to.

  • Monday-Saturday 7AM-7PM
  • Sunday  9AM-6PM
  • Contact at : (773) 235-2555
  • 2555 N Pulaski Rd