Eighth grade informational session at Pritzker

Principal Pablo Sierra talking to the Parents and Students that showed up to the 8th grade session. Photo credit: Yomaira Herrera

By Yomaira Herrera ’17

On November 19, eighth grade students and their parents had the opportunity to attend the annual informational session at Pritzker. The session went from 10:30 a.m to 11:30 a.m where students and parents had time to learn more about Pritzker and ask questions.

A slide show was presented to all visitors highlighting what Pritzker is all about including clubs, sports and electives. The slide show included inside of where Pritzker stands compared to other high schools in Chicago in ACT scores, graduation rates and college acceptance. The freshman team was introduced to give a little bit of what they love about Pritzker and how they recommend it. A Northwestern student, who graduated from Pritzker a couple years ago, talked about his Pritzker experience from beginning to end. He mentioned how he grew as a student which now payed off.

Raul Herrera, a current eighth grader at Pulaski International, attended this informational session and stated, “After going through the slideshow, I was amazed of all of Pritzker’s accomplishments.” Herrera added about why he wanted to attend Pritzker and said, “ well I struggle in keeping up with school and my organization skills. I think Pritzker can help me with that.” Herrera wants that extra support that he might not get in other high schools.

The floor was then open to questions from parents or students to the Pritzker staff. Some questions that were asked  were, “What is something that Pritzker offers that other high schools might not?” and “What makes Pritzker work?”

Natasha Rodriguez, an eighth grade student at Locke school, attended this session with her mother. She was interested in Pritzker after hearing about it in a college fair. Rodriguez said, “ I am aware of the strictness of this school which discourages me, but Pritzker will make me successful. Might as well take a chance to make a change.” Rodriguez’s mother explained, “ I want the best for Natasha and I feel like Pritzker or any Noble schools is an amazing option for any students.”

At the end of the session, parents and students were encouraged to take the optional tour to have a better view of the school and have a chance to see where everything is and take a look at the classrooms.  Julia Martinez, Recruitment and Enrollment Director, sat at a table with some volunteers so that if any parents had any questions, they could get their questions answered.