Ed Sheeran’s new singles: An amazing comeback

Photo credit: Diana Gomez

By Diana Gomez ’19

Ed Sheeran released two new singles that created a frenzy. It’s no surprise that the singles were a big hit. The two songs have beautiful lyrics, a relaxing sound and inspiring development.  

“Castle on the Hill”  and “Shape of You” have been a big hit in the United States. “Castle on the Hill” rated number 50 in the “Billboard Hot 100” while “Shape of you” is number one. Although Sheeran was taking a break for a year, his comeback was widely accepted and left many excited to see what else Sheeran wrote in his long, but well deserved, hiatus.

Both “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You” have beautiful lyrics. “Shape of You” reassures women and men that they are beautiful and accepted. The lyrics, “I’m in love with the Shape of You,” are extremely calming to me and are personally reassuring for people of all body types. The lyrics are so beautiful that they make you miss the person you made eye contact with two years ago at the grocery store. These love lyrics make you want to fall in love too.

I think it was pretty cool that Sheeran released two songs of different sounds. Despite this, the songs give off a calming vibe. “Castle on the Hill” is calming and relaxing. This would be the perfect song to listen to on a lazy Sunday. On the other hand, “Shape of You,” has more of a funky beat. It makes you want to jump out of your chair and dance. Whatever song you’re listening to, though, both will make a wave of relaxation hit you when you hear Sheeran’s calming voice.

It is no secret that Sheeran was in the public eye when he announced his break from social media. Sheeran decided on December of 2016 that he’d be taking a break from social media and would focus on making music. Like most fans, I was heart broken. I would deeply miss hearing Sheeran’s voice. Although I was upset, I knew I’d be excited when he came, and I was. Sheeran’s hard work makes the album ten times better because Sheeran put so much focus into these two songs.

Some argue that “Shape of You” is just another “stereotypical 2016 pop song.” I disagree. Most songs this year barely have any meaning. This song reminds people to embrace their bodies because they’re beautiful. This isn’t like any other pop song.


  • Castle on the Hill duration:  4:21
  • Release date of singles: Jan. 6
  • Shape of You duration: 4:17