Ed Sheeran

By Jennifer Rivera ’17 and Jessica Rivera ’17

Ed Sheeran, a 24-year-old British singer-songwriter, is a musician known for R&B, pop, folk, hip-hop, and acoustic music. Sheeran is an amazing, talented musician who will cause you to get goosebumps as you listen to his music.

Sheeran has won over two British awards, one for best male solo artist and the other for best British breakthrough artist. Sheeran has two albums, out of the album “x”, “Thinking Out Loud” became one of his top hits, which got second place on iTunes.

Sheeran’s story to how his love for music started is quite impressive. As a teenager, he was inspired by Damien Rice. He then appeared at open mic nights in the country and he performed at bars. Sheeran caught the attention of Jamie Foxx, which then later led to Foxx contacting him. Sheeran has toured with many celebrities, for example, he toured with Taylor Swift on the Red Tour. He also wrote songs for One Direction. Some of his songs were featured on TV show episodes. For example, “Give Me Love” was featured in “The Vampire Diaries” as well as “Dangerous Liaisons.”

Sheeran is very inspiring to many people because his music brings joy, happiness, and feelings that have to do with love. Over the years, some people enjoy his music, for example, if you check out his song “Thinking Out Loud” on YouTube, you see many people commenting on how great he is. Others might not enjoy him, there was a negative comment on the video that said, “He’s still no better than Bruno Mars.” Although, people may have different ways  of viewing Sheeran and any other artist in general, others still believe that the artist is pretty special.

Some may consider Sheeran’s voice very warm when it comes to acoustic guitars and blending in other sounds. Some have commented that his music brings peace and a warm feeling when listening to his songs.

If you do not know who he is, check out his albums and covers. Be prepared to instantly fall in love with how he sings and how his songs are written. Be prepared to feel at ease.

  • http://m.youtube.com/user/ EdSheeran
  • Album “+”
  • Album “x”
  • Top hit: Thinking Out Loud