Echosmith: Inside a dream

Echosmith: Inside a dream

By Adamaris Reyes ’19

“I wish that I could be like the cool kids, cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in.” It seems like it  was just yesterday when we were quietly humming this catchy song and turning the volume up to full blast. And while it has been almost four years since  Echosmith’s album “Talking Dreams” was released, Echosmith came back with an album that packs a punch with it’s musical instruments, lyrics, and beats.

Placed under the category of Indie pop, this musical duo raises the bar  when it comes to the instruments and the lyrics that are used in every song they create. “Inside a dream,” frequently uses the soft sound of a guitar and the contentious thrilling sound of the drums, but everything harmonizes together into a beautiful work of art  that sounds different and enthusiastic. If you listen closely to Sydney Sierota’s captivating voice and the story she is telling you, everything surrounding you begins to fade away as your brain drifts off to the change of the tempo and beat. “Goodbye” for example, starts off with the sound of a guitar playing a basic note, and then everything changes and catches you by surprise because the slow beat that was going on for the first twenty seconds changed into this catchy upbeat and tempo that only promises that the rest of the song would be good.

I will admit, unlike other albums that contain personal and emotional themes, “Inside a dream” only includes two or three songs that are meaningful and have a purpose. One song that did catch my attention was “Dear world,” it’s a song that has to do with all the tragedies in this society and Echosmith consoles “the world” with this song, almost like an encouraging letter.  The rest of the songs have lyrics that are catchy and tell a random story that doesn’t really have a specific meaning to it,  they’re just songs with an upbeat tempo.

Speaking of which, the beats and the different styles of musical tempos are awesome! The musical duo makes it evident that they put every song together so delicately and precise, usually in an album there is only a few songs that are your most favorite, but this album has different rhythms and beats that feel like a fresh breath of air. The rhythm and beat on this album isn’t something you’ll love for a day and then hate the next day.

Everyone knows that when a singer or band releases a song that becomes super popular, it can often become difficult for the singer to come up with something better than the original song. The band Echosmith even admitted to feeling somewhat stuck, because they knew they had to provide something authentic and new to the table, and without a doubt they succeeded.

  • Released September 29, 2017
  • Buy on Itunes for $5.99
  • Contains 7 songs  
  • There is no extended version