Dude Perfect: Sports, comedy, and entertainment all in one

Dude Perfect's YouTube Channel Photo Credit: Jackie Martinez

By Jacqueline Martinez ’18

Who is Dude Perfect?

Dude Perfect is not a guy. Dude Perfect is an awestruck YouTube channel. This channel consists of 5 best friends: Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Tyler Toney, and Cody Jones. Their videos are filled with unbelievable trick shots with upbeat music in the background.

When did they create their channel?

Dude Perfect was created in 2009. In these 9 years, Dude Perfect has gained popularity in social media and from celebrities.

What makes them successful?

Dude Perfect, as of 2018, has +27 million subscribers on YouTube, +17 million Facebook followers, +19 million mobile game downloads, and +6 million Instagram followers. Lebron James, stated, “You guys are great,” USA Today, stated, “Dude Perfect specialized in the impossible.” Recently, Kay Jewelers collaborated with Dude Perfect on a television commercial for rings, specifically for valentine’s day 2018.

What kind of tricks shots does Dude Perfect do?

Dude Perfect do trick shots in short and far distances involving: golf clubs, hats, garbage bags, frisbees, soccer balls, anything they can get their hands on!

Are there trick shots fake?

No. They have done some trick shots live in front of other people. Additionally, Dude Perfect has performed their videos, they add on “Good Morning America” in 2015. They aren’t always perfect, nobody is. At the end bloopers to make the audience have a giggle or two.

Is Dude Perfect worth watching?

Absolutely! If you are bored, and you want to spice up your binge watching YouTube videos. Then watch and subscribe to Dude Perfect. You won’t regret it. These short videos are easily addicting.

  • YouTube channel: Dude Perfect
  • Weekly Vlog channel: DudePerfectTV
  • Personal Website: dudeperfect.com