Drill Team Fundraiser to South Dakota

Photo Credit: MCJROTC The three bikes that the drill team were raffling.

By Yaneet Rodriguez ’18

The Pritzker Drill Team had a fundraiser that started on Jan. 12 and ended on Jan. 31. The fundraiser was to help the drill team go to South Dakota.

Anyone could have participated in the raffle as long as they pay $25 for the raffle ticket and whoever wins, would win one of the three bikes that were being raffled.

According to Jennifer Cortez, senior, “We know that the school is big on bikes so we thought that students and people would be interested in this fundraise for our South Dakota trip. It will cost us a lot of money, so as a team we [needed] to come up with something.”

With the help of the drill team and MCJROTC staff and officers they ended up with the fundraiser of raffling the bikes.

Andrew Alvarez, senior, stated that “South Dakota would be a way to get a competition out of state.”

According to Ashley Fernandez’s announcement, “Together with GySgt Alvarez we believe that it’s important for these inner city kids to experience the camaraderie and responsibility that comes with traveling outside of their own city.” The goal is to raise $5,000 to send them on their annual trip to South Dakota. The drill competitions allow the cadets to meet and learn outside of their city environment. The highlight of their competition year is going to the South Dakota trip.

Not only students had enter the raffle but also school staff and parents of the drill team in order to support the South Dakota trip.

With the competitions being outside of Chicago the drill team “can show [other] schools who [they] are and that we don’t play games, when it comes to competing and especially when it’s outside of where we normally compete at” explained, freshman, Oswald Hernandez.

On Feb. 3, it was announced that Jorge Morron, senior, had won the raffle and had to claim his price.