Dr. Cleaner: One of the best apps to clean your phone’s clutter

This shows a picture of the app, Dr. Cleaner Photo Credit: Erik Pacheco

By Erik Pacheco ’20

Low storage on your phone has always been a problem throughout the years. Dr. Cleaner is here to help though. This app is completely free with a pro version available if you want to buy it. Also, the app is the easiest app you’ll ever use. Finally, this app could give you back a great number of gigabytes to your phone.

There was a variety of apps that help free up some space on your phone, but none of them are like this app. Dr. Cleaner contains no steps for you to use, there is literally one button for you to press and that button will go ahead and clean up your phone for you. When the cleaning has finished, the app will tell you how much storage you have gained back. You’ll get a huge chunk of memory back depending on how long you’ve had that phone and how long you’ve been using it.

Dr. Cleaner is a free application for ]]] ,your phone; however, there is a pro version that you can go ahead and buy, which is highly suggested. The cost for this version of the app depends on what you want. There are four things you can purchase: no ads, unlimited magic vault, unlimited general vault, or all of the features. In the pro version, you get unlimited storage in order for you to save your photos and videos that are in your camera roll without having to delete them. As a result, you gain memory back on your phone.

Upon opening this app, you will see a big ol’ red button that says “Start.” Tapping on that button will start the process of cleaning up your phone’s clutter. And that is literally all that you’ve got to do in order to get some storage added back to your phone. She a dime lol. There are also four little sections at the bottom: storage, photos, contacts, and vault. Storage is what you use to clean up your phone, photos are to find duplicate photos in your camera roll and delete them, contacts does the same but with contacts, and the vault is where you can put your photos or videos if you don’t want to delete your photos.

The first time I decided to use this app and clean my phone, the app gave me back about 5 gigabytes worth of memory to my phone, which is a drastic amount of memory added to your phone again. If you’ve never resorted your phone and have had your phone for a while now, you most likely would have a lot of clutter that is on your phone that needs to be removed.

Some people might say that this app is something worthless and should not exist, but I highly disagree because if you have a 16GB phone this can be a game changer towards your phone’s memory, and could save you money and could prevent you from buying a phone that you can’t really afford.

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