Does being in a relationship interfere with your studying?

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Brandon Valladares ’18

Many students are getting involved in relationships. But does being in a relationship interfere with your school ethic?  

There are pros and cons of being in a relationship. A con can be students might be fuzzy with their studies and not really put effort into their work. A pro is having your partner influence you to achieve your academic goals.

I asked a couple of people on what their view are on relationships interfering with school work. Karla Villagomez, a senior who is happily in a relationship, stated, “Personally no because my partner and I both have this mutual understanding that we want to succeed and do anything we [can] to achieve our goals academically. I guess for some people [a] relationship does get in the way for studies because, at this age, teens get easily distracted with their boyfriend/girlfriend like Facetiming late at night or hanging out with them after school and leaving homework at the last minute.” Another senior by the name Lorenzo Mendiola stated, “When you find someone special, like I did, you can’t help but have a committed relationship with that specific person. Both partners should share a bond and have respect for each other’s space. I manage to spend time with my girlfriend and enjoy other activities. My studies are important at home and at school and those are always my top priority besides my job, relationship, etc.”

While hearing the perspectives of people in a relationship, I also wanted to know the views of people who were not in a relationship. Two seniors were asked if they would rather be in a relationship or focus on their own studies. Maria Vasquez replied, “Being in a relationship will interfere with your studies because you will feel more tempted to be with your significant other than focusing on your school work. If I’m being honest, I would most likely pick my boyfriend and put studying to the side because at times emotions tend to be stronger than your mind.” Jaffet Bailon also responded, “I believe it all depends on how the relationship is structured and what their values are because there is no right answer to that question. If I were to pick between a relationship or studies, I would rather choose my studies because no one wants me.”

With the opinions of the four seniors, being in a relationship does not affect or interfere with someone’s studies. If you set yourself a goal and have a partner who is encouraging you to achieve your goals, you both will become successful together. Also being in a relationship can’t always be the reason for the lack in studies because there can be multiple variables that can affect why someone is doing horrible.