Do students still watch TV?

This is Hernandez watching TV after getting her homework done.

By Karla Hernandez ’20

Nowadays, students are surrounded by social media and gaming systems that they have forgotten about watching TV.. YouTube is a big platform because students can watch whatever they want whenever. Also, the technology is so advanced that you can watch anything on phones, as well as laptops without the need of a T.V. 

Nayelie Hernandez, a senior, stated, “I still watch T.V. because I do not have Netflix.” Some students may watch T.V., but others may prefer watching online entertainment such as Netflix or Hulu. “I watch La Rosa de Guadalupe, novelas, and other programs being shown on TV,” Hernandez stated. 

Andrea Garcia, a senior, stated, “Yes, I do watch TV because some of my favorite shows are on.” Unlike Hernandez, Garcia has Netflix but decides not to watch it because the C.W. has more of her favorite shows.

Garcia watches the C.W. , more specifically the show the Flash. She also watches Super Girl, Batwomen, and Riverdale. 

When asked if students always spend time on social media or on gaming systems, Hernandez stated, “Sometimes when I am not watching T.V. I do spend time on my phone.” 

Hernandez also stated, “I watch a lot of YouTube videos because they are more interesting than what is being aired.” Similarly, Garcia also spends a lot of time on YouTube because there are videos of her interest on YouTube. Most students spend time on other types of platforms that they can watch anything on their phones without having to watch T.V. 

When asked if homework prevents students from watching TV, Hernandez stated, “Yes, because I have a lot of homework, and I am doing it at the same time the program I would like to watch is on.” Homework can also be the reason why students are no longer interested in watching T.V. shows. 

        Similarly, Garcia stated, “Yes, with amount of homework I get it is difficult for me to watch TV shows that catch my attention.” Students are not able to see their regularly scheduled show because of the homework they have.   Overall, some students do watch TV, but others have lost interest. There are not many shows that catch the students attention that’s why they prefer other platforms.