Discrimination and social media

By Stephania Flores ’20

Social media is a platform where anyone can publish anything they want depending on where they lived. It is an easier place to share your thoughts or opinions, find things that you are interested in, or find different people around the world that have the same interest as you.

There are plenty of pros for social media as mentioned before but the major key of social media is that it is easier to communicate with others.

Still, social media is not all positive. Social media can be a really cruel place. It is a place that can make someone judge themselves and doubt who they are. It is a place that makes you feel insecure and sometimes on purpose or by accident.

Social media is surrounded with comments or posts about anything. Some of those posts are related about race, gender, religion, or love interest. Some of these comments are harsh and sensible to some extent.

Andrea Garcia, a junior, expressed that she has seen these posts. Garcia revealed that she has mainly seen these posts attacking Hispanics, and how they should be treated in a certain way because as some people may say “they don’t belong here.” Garcia went on and added that these comments have somewhat offended her because her family is Hispanic so seeing these comments truly affected her.

But Garcia is not the only one that has been impacted by any of these comments. Yahaira Garcia, a sophomore, revealed that she has seen comments about women and how complicated they are, and she added how these comments make her feel insecure about herself and how society is kind of messed up and can not respect women.

But the issue with these posts is that it cannot be stopped or limited because everyone has some rights in what’s published in social media. There’s little authority when it comes to any problems or crime that involves social media or the internet. But those people that are posting these comments should have a limit or be careful on what they put on the internet because it might offend others.

Andrea Garcia suggested that she would tell them that “think before they publish anything on the internet since it is viewed by many people.” She also added that those people should reflect and “think about that comment targeting someone that they truly love and how a comment can truly impact someone emotionally and mentally.” It’s true these comments might really impact someone’s day or make them feel ashamed of who they are.  Other people feel very passionate about these posts and towards the people that publish them. Brenda Camacho, a junior, agreed with Garcia and said that they should be careful with what they post. Camacho stated, “I would tell them that they are ignorant and should NOT be aiming to hurt others.” Camacho has also seen these posts, specifically about racism, homophobic, misogynistic comments which are topics that she feels passionate about.

At the end of the day, everyone should love one another and not criticize or judge anyone just because of who they are.