Dimo’s Pizza: A Wicker park and Wrigleyville staple

Dimo’s pizza on Milwaukee and Damen.

By Julio Garcia ’16


Dimo’s pizza is local Chicagoan pizza that has been serving pizza, drinks, and other random oddities for eight years, but what Dimo’s pizza is known for is their crazy and straight out of this world pizza flavors. Ranging from my favorite “The Mac”, which is a pizza with macaroni noodles, four types of cheese, and on top with some green onions. Aside from that it’s when the slices start to get more quirky with names like “The Philosopher”, “The buff chick”, and “S’mores”.

Despite all these oddities you can find everybody’s classic such as cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. As well as there being vegan options, so no one is left behind.

As you enter the restaurant, specifically the Wicker Park location, you are filled with art in every corner everything from the ads, festival posters, to even coin machines that dispense pin buttons made by local Wicker artists. The scenery itself is very aesthetic as there a little corner near the window that has two sofas, a wooden table, and a bunch of odd little plastic birds. Also, a vintage  record player that does not work.

When it comes to time to order there is not too much science behind it, you approach the counter that has the menu including the regular slices they are know for. As well as “The weekly special”, which is completely random each week ranging from slices such as: Feliz Navidad, Chilaquiles, Jack Burton, and other slices that show up each week.

Additionally, there is  a  monthly slice, that last only a month. As soon as  the worker notices you, he or she will politely ask you what would you like, or if you have not been at Dimo’s pizza he or she will recommend you a slice.

When it is time to pay, you have the option of just paying for your slice or getting a drink or brownie with it, which cost extra, but most of the single slices will cost you $4. After you get your food, you are able to sit in a vast number of tables, or you can always sit in that rad sofas by the window.

From my experience, of going constantly to Dimo’s, I never had any inconveniences whatsoever with the service or food.

One review from Yelp mention he did not  like the pizza because he claimed it was the pizza was “So dry, so bland and flavorless. The sauce was terribly mediocre and thin”(yelp). As far  as I am concern, the pizza does not taste like that in anyway. A lot of people come to Dimo’s pizza and they really seem to enjoy it. The review is a year old, so it could be argue they probably had a different cook at the time.

Over all, if you are into pizza, and would like to try some pizza that seems inspired by Salvador Dali inner conscious. Than you should look no further then going to Dimo’s Pizza on Damen.

  • 1615 N Damen Ave.
  • Phone number: 773-525-4580
  • Monday-Sunday 11 a.m. to late