Detention time decreases

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

           By Alexis Tellez ’18


This year, the detention policy has changed for the better good. Well, not for everyone. As it was announced by Pam Johnson, Dean of Culture,  detention will now be only two hours.

This might seem good for students now that they have one less hour to spend in detention, but it also has another side to it. Students that constantly skip detention will receive another four demerits for skipping. In addition to those four demerits, the next detention will be three hours.

The detention policy is now a two hour detention to encourage students to not skip detention in order to get detentions out of the way. Teachers and the administration made and agreed to this new policy regarding detention.

It seems like a good thing and students like this new change but it was has a negative side.  Johnson stated, “Now that detention does not seem [ like] such of a big deal, since it’s one hour less, [it] makes some students just skip detention.” She also stated that it’s good for students that regularly don’t get detention and that actually attend detention.

Stephanie Sevilla, junior, stated, “It’s good because it allows students to be able to enjoy their [fridays] more.” Andrea Ascencio, junior, also stated, “It’s better to have two hours of detention that way teachers don’t stay too long. It also helps students because nobody wants to be sitting down in detention for three hours. An hour less is helpful because it’s less time we have to be struggling to write and sit.”

This brings up why this new policy is good for students that get detentions. Now detention does not seem much as a punishment and students that receive detention are highly encouraged to serve them since it is two hours only. With this new change made to detention, hopefully the number of detentions will start to decrease and not increase as some students may look at this as not  a big deal just because one hour was taken away.

Now do you think the new change to detention will actually decrease the rate of detentions? Is it really encouraging students to serve the detentions they get? Coming from Johnson, Sevilla, and Ascencio who  said that yes, it should encourage students to serve detention if they get any.  Why miss a chance to get rid of a detention when it’s now two hours long? Students will surely now have no reason to skip detention. Detention is not something any student at Pritzker would want to attend, and many can agree to this, but with this new change made to the detention policy, students are most likely to stop skipping and start getting their detentions out of the way. One less hour is a lot coming from Pritzker since students know how strict it is but as said before hopefully students stop skipping and that way they can enjoy their Friday without worrying about their next detention being three hours long for skipping the other one.