“Desde El Alma Tour”: Chicago’s best concert in September

Chayanne and dancers in the Chicago show. Photo credit: Guadalupe Landa

By Guadalupe Landa ’20

Desde El Alma Tour is a tour by Elmer Figueroa Arce or better known as Chayanne. After going on a hiatus for two years, Chayanne kicked his tour off in San Jose, California and came to Chicago on Sept. 30 in Rosemont Theatre. The concert had amazing songs, a terrific setting, and fantastic dancers.

At the beginning of the concert, the lights went off, people arose from their seats,  the band started playing music, and everybody started screaming. Everybody was waiting for Chayanne. At last, the moment had come. Chayanne came right on and began singing “Toreo”, which was released in 2012. After singing the song, Chayanne continued with romantic, upbeat, and slow songs. Chayanne sang his most known songs: “Y Tu Te Vas”, “Tiempo de Vals”, “Tu Respiración”, “Dejaria Todo”, and “Un Siglo siglo sin ti”. Chayanne played 20 songs in the concert, but most of his songs were from his old albums. I think these songs were the best part of the concert because he hasn’t been touring for a while. People would want to listen to his songs that they love or know more of. Even though I didn’t know every song, I loved all the songs that were played! There were different outfits, color in lights, and dance moves in every song played. Therefore, each song that was played was unique.

Speaking about the dancing, Chayanne and his dancers were extraordinary! The dancers all had a happy face the whole time and were constantly moving around the whole stage. I personally thought that with the dancers, it makes the concert better because there is more energy on the stage.

Along with different dances and songs, the setting was excellent! The stage was small; however, a lot of things occurred. Like I said, the lights and dances changes for every song, so the setting changes overall. If it is a slow song, the lights would change to a purple or blue and flashpoint led panels would move in certain directions during specific songs played.

People might say that Chayanne’s concert is boring, but it was fun and entertaining! I would totally recommend anyone to go if Chayanne comes next year!

  • Ticket price ranges: $45 – $250 (Depends where you get the tickets).
  • Tour dates: Aug. 23 – Oct. 14
  • Tour around the United States and Canada