Delightful Pastries: A cozy little bakery

By Ashley Medina ’20

As soon as I entered Delightful Pastries, I couldn’t help but notice how small this bakery truly is. The friendly staff made me forget how tight it felt in the bakery.  Delightful Pastries has minimal decor, very friendly staff, and amazing paczkis, Polish filled doughnuts. 

Once I was in line to place my order, I noticed that there wasn’t much space to move around. I also noticed that there wasn’t much decor throughout the bakery. The only type of decor that I was able to acknowledge were pastries that were already packaged. I was also able to notice that they were fake pastries sitting on a table near the entrance. Along with these fake pastries, there were framed acknowledgments that the owners of the bakery have been able to win. The fact that there wasn’t much decor didn’t bug me since the friendly staff made up for it. 

The person who took our order was extremely nice. She was quick to greet us and ready to take our order. She let us know the flavors that she believed were best. She also let us know which paczkis were available. She was extremely patient with us as we took our time to choose what paczkis we wanted. 

Since the bakery doesn’t have a place for us to sit, we ate our paczkis at home. My favorite paczki was the vodka custard one. I loved the filling of this paczki. The filling tasted like vanilla and I couldn’t really taste the vodka. The filling was very creamy. What I liked most is that the filling was very smooth. 

I would agree with a customer who mentioned “I was really disappointed in the paczki.  Spent $4 for a salted caramel paczki. Not even a teaspoon of filling.” I would definitely agree with this because some of the other paczkis did not have much filling. The lack of filling is the only complaint that I would have about the food. Despite the lack of filling, I would still go back to Delightful Pastries. 

  • Address: 5927 W. Lawrence Ave., Chicago
  • Hours: Monday- Friday 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday closed  
  • Phone: 773-545-7215