Deepwater Horizon: The Newest thrilling Film

This is a picture of Gina Rodriguez looking terrified.

By Michelle Perez ’17

There are many reasons as to why you should go and watch Deepwater Horizon.  Throughout the film there are many great actors included, such as Gina Rodriguez, who is also in the TV series Jane the Virgin, as well as Mark Wahlberg. When I was at the movie theater, there were hundreds  of people ready to watch the  movie. What is really interesting about this film is that it actually happened in real life. Crazy huh? It was based on the oil spill that had occurred in the Gulf of Mexico on April 10th , 2010. The actors did an outstanding job of demonstrating their fear of the explosion and trying to save one another, especially Rodriguez.

 She had showed so much emotion throughout the entire film. It is what made the movie catch the audience’s attention.  The most terrifying part, however, was when the “ship” had exploded, it honestly made me fear for their lives. It made me wonder what had caused such an explosion.  Many people were anticipating what would happen next in the film. All you basically heard throughout the movie was “Omg”. People looked very shocked during the movie. Since the movie is pg-13 many young adults were able to watch it. It is something that everyone should be informed about. The director did an amazing job of making it seem like a reality. He made it look so realistic that it felt like I was actually watching it unfold right there. According to a critic from Rotten Tomatoes, Peter Travers, a film critic, stated “The film depicts the worst oil spill in American history and director Peter Berg recreates the cataclysm of that day with unbearable tension and healing compassion.” It is honestly what made me  interested to watch, not only that but the fact that the film in general had some very well known actors. The way they expressed fear for their lives. Made it seem that much more realistic.

  • Time:  1 hour and 47 minutes
  • Director: Peter Berg
  • Action Film
  • PG-13
  • Director: Peter Berg