Dance the stress away

Dance club members are captured by dancing by learning how to dance for the first time or practicing basic moves. Photo credit: Suzette Suarez

By Angel Olanda ’17 and Suzette Suarez ’17

   Are you good at dancing? Want to improve your dance skills? If yes, then why not join Dance club? The club offers a fun way to learn how to dance and receive easy enrichment credit.

The club offers a variety of dances, but the most popular type of music they practice to is Latin music: Bachata, Cumbia, and many more. In Dance club, the leaders help students move their bodies from left to right, while sticking with the rhythm and beat of the music.  

When you first start dancing, you always have to start with an open mind.  The club is very welcoming. The  leaders (Zoey Chacon, Cristeyli DeLaCruz, and Miriam Higareda) are always excited with smiles on their faces because they know that their members are going to learn more and get better at dancing. Learning how to dance can be fun, if you let it be. Think of all those awesome moves you can show off afterwards.

Sophomore student and one of the leaders of the club, Miriam Higareda, dedicates herself to do her best at helping the members with dancing. She first teaches some of the basics of dance routines and gets them comfortable with the environment so they do not feel judged. Higareda said, “As one of the leaders of the club, I want the members to feel comfortable dancing and interacting with each other, so they could forget about the negative thoughts and feel relaxed.” Overall, Higareda said she enjoys being one of the leaders and looks forward to teaching her members new moves.

Another Sophomore  member of Dance club, Maria Torres stated that she’s “been in Dance club about a year already and for me, dancing is a passion. I have been dancing since I was little and nobody taught me how to dance.”   Torres also stated, “I also see videos on Youtube because on YouTube there are many different ways that people can learn how to dance by watching step-by-step tutorials, which is very helpful.”  

Dance club is a great opportunity to join an activity. It does not matter if you are the best dancer. What matters is that you put effort into learning and have fun while doing it. It is not too late to join. Be proactive. Dance club takes place every Tuesday in room 215. Join Dance Club now! You will not regret it.