Dance Away at Pritzker

Dance Club members doing social dancing before they start their dance routine.

By Melany Salgado ’20

Two left feet is a club that students can join to learn Latin dances. In dance club there are students that don’t even know each other, but this club is where students can meet new people and get the benefit to learn new dances, as well.

Miriam Higareda, a senior, gave Pritzker Press some inside about Two Left Feet. Higareda said that it’s a challenge to get new people to do new things with people that they don’t know, or removing them from their old group. Two left Left got its name because the leaders thought it was ironic.

Diana Tello, a junior, also gives  some details about dance club. Because Tello knew how some students have a ton of homework, she thought that dance club could be a great way to get some stress relieve.

Tello and Higareda help the students at dance club with the struggles that they might have. The two leaders try to get students to dance with new people by doing an activity called “social dancing”. With this activity it helps students to get to know each other and to make new friends. Dance club wasn’t like it is today. Today, students come up with dance routines, combine dance, and students choose what type of song they want to go with their routine. Back then, the leaders would just teacher Latin dances and steps. These changes have helped many students learn new dance moves. Because of how much the club has changed, students learn different methods of dances.

Tello was the one to start Two Left Feet in freshman year, but later left and Higareda was the one to continue the club. Tello started dancing at the age seven and was inspired by her instructor  named Zeke. Higareda loves to dance and feels important to learn know how to dance. Dance is something people can learn in their free time, so people can teach others and pass on the great part of dancing. Latin dances are difficult for some people to get the hang of, but with practice they will be able to dance as well. This is why dance club was created because not many people know how to dance, but with dance club people can join and learn.

Since Higareda is a senior, she will be leaving soon. She says, “Diana is going to be in charge, and after she leaves we have decided that we want the club to continue. We’re gonna see who is the best fit for leading this club, so to replace Carlos [Oquendo] and I we have already started thinking of a few people that could become leaders for Two Left Feet”.

The club will still continue and soon more students will be able to learn and teach Latin dances.