Cynthia Munoz: A prominent basketball player

Basketball player Cynthia Munoz PC: Griselda Jimenez

By Griselda Jimenez ‘20

Towards the end of the season, junior Cynthia Munoz was pulled out for a conversation. She was in the Girls’ JV Basketball team. Munoz just joined the basketball team this year. Munoz stated, “I have been in a basketball team before for a park’s league and in middle school.”

Munoz has managed to be both in JV and Varsity. She has worked hard in order to be noticed by both coaches.

Nathan Dengle, JV coach, stated, “She went up to varsity as a result of her commitment to the team and her growth as a player during the season.”

Munoz was told that she had improved in her ability to play basketball against more improved players by the coaches.

As a result of being moved up to the Varsity team, Munoz stated, “I managed to go to varsity because the coaches saw improvements in my basketball skills throughout the season.”

Munoz would put more effort than usual: “I would be an hour early before games to get  more practice.” Munoz was not just a player in the court but a great leader. As Dengle stated, “Munoz is a tenacious defender and a reliable leader on the court.” Dengle explained that Munoz was able to keep up with the team and not fall back. She made sure that she kept her grades up even when she would stay late at school. He also stated, ”Munoz really developed her court sense over the course of the season.”

As the season ended, Munoz reflected and is thankful for the help her coach and her teammates gave her when practicing. Munoz explained, “I felt like the season was a good season. It was an experience that I will never forget, and I thank my teammates and my coach for that as well.”

As Munoz goes into senior year, Dengle hopes that she joins the team and works even harder than this year. Dengle also said, “I’m looking forward to seeing what she does next year.”