Curtin-Guy Advisory adopts little sister advisory

The Curtin and McCaw advisories. Photo credit: Katie Curtin

By  Jarret Diaz ’19  Jeremy Diaz ’19 Adamaris Reyes ’19  Jazlyn Terry ’19


Curtin-Guys advisory sophomores have adopted Ashley McCaws Freshmen advisory this fall in order to help them overcome their freshman year struggles.

In the beginning of this fall Journalism teacher and sophomore advisor Katie Curtin along with Jasmine Guy a sophomore advisor with Ms. Curtin, arranged  their advisory to  meet with Ms. McCaw a junior American literature teacher and her freshmen  advisory. On their first meet each freshman was  assigned to a specific group based on the struggles that they found most difficult to handle. From there the “big sisters” took the lead and attempted to break the ice with the freshman girls by getting to know them a little better.

The Sophomores also shared some encouragement and advice along with an insight of what sophmore year would be like. Freshman Katherine Rayyan states “ I think it’s fun that I get to see the perspective of a sophomore from freshmen year and how it relates to my freshman year.”  Cristeyli Delacruz a sophomore in Curtin-Guy advisory stated “It’s a good way to get to know other people.” On one occasion when both advisories met for big group one of Curtin-Guy sophomore advisee advised “Stay away from boys!” As both advisories laughed, the sophomores reminded Ms. McCaws advisory how their education should come first and that they should start the year focusing on what’s most important.

The purpose of this partnership was not only to help freshmen girls out but also as  Curtin states “We know the start of freshman year can be tough, but also we know that being a Freshman advisor can be tough too, and so we also wanted to help Ms. McCaw out.” Curtin explains how the Curtin-Guy and McCaw partnership was not only for the benefit of  the freshmen girls but it was also to give Ms. McCaw a hand, since she is a new freshmen advisor which as Curtin mentions can be tough.

Curtin also mentions how “helping the freshmen out helps make the school look better as whole.” Delacruz also adds on that she feels like their advice is helping freshman and that she looks forward to meeting with them again soon. At the end McCaws advisory seemed to have had an idea that they are not the only ones going through tough times and struggles, as Rayyan sighs of relief and states “ I learned I’m not the only one who can’t finish the mile”  and just like Curtin stated “At the end of the day we’re a team.”