CSU Political Ceremony instead of Graduation Ceremony

John Seed, known as the Father, preaching to his followers. Photo Credit: Chloee Toro

By Laly Calderon ’18


Chicago State University students were ready to receive their diploma after their spring break was cancelled. CSU didn’t have a regular ceremony with speeches about their future ahead of them. Instead, they had a political talk.

Some of the classmates knew that it was going to be a political talk.  Some students, regardless of what has happened in the Chicago State, are still graduating even if the college has not received any state money for about 10 months.   Before the students of the college were prepared for their graduation, some of them had already been dressed to receive their diploma. Even if the school wasn’t receiving enough money they still managed to graduate.

The student’s from the college were very stressed out for their graduation because their spring break was canceled and everything was rushed at the last minute. The students knew it was going to be a political ceremony because they saw that former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn was one of the speakers to speak.

On the CSU website there is a checklist on what the school needs to follow on the day of their graduation day. Which took place on April, 28. The checklist was in order from months and days.

In the Wbez.org article based on the CSU Political ceremony, Pat Quinn is quoted with, “There’s something wrong when in Illinois the millionaires have gotten in the past year over a half a billion dollars in tax cuts for themselves and they’ve cut higher education and MAP scholarships.” Pat Quinn is describing how millionaires in illinois have cut taxes themselves, leaving nothing for students.

A student from CSU had hope in himself and said that they should fight for what they want, like funds for their school and also Chicago Public Schools. Throughout the whole ceremony the only advice they got was for the students to get involved with money.