Crystal’s life at Pritzker

Crystal is getting ready to enter school.

By Mirna Pineda ’21  

She walks into [the] school and immediately gets recognized. Friends come and say and start conversations. Their faces light up as she walks into the room.

Crystal Garcia, a sophomore stated, “Some of the challenges I’ve faced this year is all the workload and the tests since I haven’t been doing so well.” Some say that sophomores get a lot of homework compared to last year. “Freshmen year was way easier, it was easier to bring my grades up,” expressed Garcia.

One of the classes sophomores find to spend a lot of time in is AP World History. Most students say it is the homework. Garcia stated, “I find my classes very hard especially AP World History since it takes up a lot of time,”

Garcia also mentioned that, “Since it takes up a lot of time to understand,” sometimes she feels like she doesn’t know what’s going on. Garcia is taking two honors classes which are Geometry and Literature.

Students at Pritzker are preparing for the SAT, which help students get into college and university.

Garcia mentioned that her preferable college is Central Michigan University. It is a school she is wanted to go since she was young.

Many say that Pritzker is a challenging school and transfer. Garcia stated, “I am planning on staying at Pritzker for the next [two] years.”

Garcia has some advice for freshmen “do all your work and pay attention in class,” she also mentions to, “listen to your teacher’s advice […] because they are right.”

Some say they wish they’d listen to others advice. “I would change how much I tried last year because I know I could’ve done so much better,” states Garcia.

Garcia states, “I honestly don’t think that Pritzker is as bad people claim [it to be], in order to [succeed] you need to do what’s required which isn’t much,” and that “if you do what you’re supposed to then you’ll have an easy experience at Pritzker.

A thing schools look into are extracurriculars. Pritzker students are required to serve a certain amount of activities. Garcia states, “I was [the] manager for the Boys’ JV Soccer team and I had to be at their games and practice constantly.”

Garcia states that she doesn’t have a favorite part about being a sophomore but that “[she] has an idea of Pritzker is and what to do and not to do.”

Garcia’s friend, Alexa Guereca, a sophomore states, “Crystal is a wonderful human, being she really cares about other people.”

Guereca mentions how she describes Garcia as a “nice, caring, and respectful” person.

Guereca states, “I met crystal my freshmen year in advisory.” Them being really close friends. Guereca also mentions that Garcia is a “hard worker”.