“Criminal”: An intriguing and informative podcast

“Criminal”: An intriguing and informative podcast

Getting tired of just sitting at home watching endless hours of Netflix or HULU? Well, why not try out a podcast? You can play it while working out or even while taking a shower. However, you might be wondering “What makes it better than the shows I watch?” It might not be better, but it is a hell of a lot more interesting. With true crime cases, reliable guests, and eerie audiotapes, this podcast will keep you informed all while you discover new things. 

The Gist

This is a podcast that makes learning about true crime enjoyable and easy to listen to. It is designed to be informative. It is also a combination of interviews and narration, depending on the topic. From interviews with police officers to victims to experts, etc. It, also, has police audio tapes (ranging from 911 calls, audio from police body cams, interviews, etc). All of the elements that make a great podcast.  


What I find helpful in understanding these cases is that the hosts bring key individuals that were involved. For example, their “Who’s these?” case includes an interview with deputy Bryan Rogers, who was involved. The host then interviews the guest in a manner that they detail what happened from beginning to end. Also, the host asks questions that the listener might be wondering things like “What is the protocol for a burglary in progress?” Best of all they might also interview some of the victims.   


The topics this podcast touches on are beyond diverse, from a podcast focused on famous killers to conspiracies to false alarms. So if you don’t feel like listening to a tragic murder, maybe you’ll enjoy people mistakenly believing there is someone in their home. 

The eerie tapes

Hand in hand with the interviews, the bodycam footage, and 911 calls make the podcast even more interesting. This is because you get to actually hear audios that you otherwise might not hear elsewhere. Also,  it helps paint a picture in your head of what might’ve actually happened. 

Should you listen?

According to a critic, “She brings extraordinary intelligence, humanity, and sensitivity to shed light on subjects that could otherwise be distressing.” I totally agree! This is a nice way of keeping yourself informed on topics that might be otherwise controversial. Also, the combination of interviews, audiotapes, etc just makes it so much better than most true crime podcasts. I totally recommend giving it a try. 

  • True Crime
  • Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher
  • Each episode is 30+ mins