CPS students make up school days

By Marina Frayre’22

Students who attend Chicago Public Schools will be making up various school days during the school year as they will be adding two extra school days at the end of the year because of the strike which took place from Oct. 17 through Oct. 31.

On Nov. 27, Jan. 2-3, and June 17-18, students will be making up the school days they missed due to the strike.

CPS and CTU (Chicago teacher union) decided they would be going on strike starting Oct. 17, which meant after school activities would also be canceled.

Students and teachers are expected to make up the school days. Genely Esquivel, a sophomore at  William Howard Taft, stated, “I am definitely not showing up most of those days. My family had planned a trip since August around most of these dates, so I will not be going to school.”

Similarly, Ashley Rodas, a junior at North Grand High School, said that she would not attend any of the days unless they were making up any important tests.

CPS teacher Lorna Ortiz stated, “The days that our students missed were very important. These days conflicted with [the] PSAT as well as midterm testing days.” Ortiz also mentioned that the strike conflicted with the student-athletes’ schedules. 

Rodas said, “I did miss an important test for my college application, but I doubt we will be retaking the test during any of [the days that have to be made up].”

Esquivel mentioned that schools should realize that not many students will show up during the days they have to make up like the days before or after a holiday since many families plan ahead and they might be ready to fly out during the holidays. 

Similarly, Rodas explained, “The school should understand and see that most families already have plans, and most likely won’t change them so their kids could attend that extra school days added.”

According to the article, a History of Chicago Teacher  Strikes, Chicago Public Schools have gone on strike “nine times.”

Rodas mentioned as far as she remembers, students have always had to make up strike days during the summer.

Esquivel stated, “I think it would be better to make up the days in the summer like in past years. It would be better because there is still enough time for parents to change flight dates and other road trips in comparison to now that we were notified shortly.” 

In years to come, if CPS decides to go on strike again, it will be most likely that these students will have to make up these days during the school year or the summer since students might be missing important content in class.