CPS high schools increase graduation rates

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By Laly Calderon ’18

CPS High Schools around Chicago have had relatively high graduation rates for the past four years, but WBEZ recently discovered that the high rates aren’t completely accurate.

CPS graduations rates are different from rates at Noble high schools: students are more likely to drop out from a CPS high school.

While calculating these rates, there were two ways that people put together the graduation rates.  According to WBEZ, “the state and federal governments both used slightly different calculations,” either including those who dropped out in the calculation or eliminating those who dropped out.

CPS schools for the past five years have shown their percentages of dropouts from their schools, and the results vary by school. For example, Von Steuben High School has drastically decreased its dropout rates. 15% of students dropped out in 2011 and 10% of students dropped in 2014. As for Pritzker, its graduation rate has been increasing according to the data recorded. 85.2% of students in 2011 stayed, and that rate increased to 88.1% in 2015.

Pritzker’s graduation rates are calculated differently from CPS high schools. They are tracked due to those who stayed for the whole four years of Pritzker. Those who were enrolled to attend in their freshman year and never showed up were deleted from the schools system, so they don’t count as not graduating.

According to Caroline Ryden, Assistant Principal, “We determine our graduation rates based on students who are still here, including seniors graduating. If a student transfers out freshman year, they aren’t included in our numbers anymore.”

“We really can’t remove a student from our system unless they have actually been accepted to another school.” She described how Pritzker’s system is part of CPS as well. Ryden also said that the CPS system can get any updates to when a student transfers to a non-Noble school.

Pritzkers graduation rates over the past few years have increased.