Core and Cardio

Core and Cardio

By Liliana Ramirez ‘18

Is exercise part of your daily life? Everyone knows that exercise is very important because it helps keep you healthy and maintain the body you want. Pritzker girls are taking a big step in their fitness this year. The core and cardio all female club includes working out with Kuehl.

The core and cardio club helps girls stay active and fit. Jennie Kuehl is a junior literature teacher and is the core and cardio club instructor.

Why are girls doing the club? Jennifer Felix, a junior, stated, “I am doing this club because I like working out, and the club makes us work out in different, fun ways.” The core and cardio club does not just make you look fit, but it helps with staying healthy and  sweating a lot. Kaylee Cuezzi, a sophomore, stated, “I am doing this club so I can gain more confidence in my body.” Working out should be something that will make you keep working out like the activities or sports  you enjoy.

Is the club helping with the fitness testing?  “Yes, it is helping me because I feel like I can do curl-ups better and hold a plank longer than 30 seconds,” Brithani Lozano, a junior, said. Felix added that it is improving her strength and other workout performances. Why is the club only girls? “As women, it’s important to be able to have a place to workout, workout hard, and not worry about how you look or what your body is doing. I feel like in the media, we see women working hard and looking pretty. I think it’s important that girls and women are given opportunities to learn how to work out,” said Kuehl.

Why is working out important in everyone’s daily life? “Working out is important because it helps us be healthier, stronger, making us feel proud of ourselves and gets our body/mind working hard,” Felix said. Exercising is important because  it increases people’s strength and can boost everyone’s energy levels. “Exercise makes people feel better, helps manage stress, more confident in your own skin, and to know that you can do something,” said Kuehl. As you keep getting motivated by people, the more you will want to keep pushing yourself and go beyond the limits.

To join the club you do not have to be athletic. All you need to do is come every Monday at 4:15 p.m. Many of the girls that are doing the club are trying to work on their stomach, trying to build muscle, and are trying to lose weight. Ms. Kuehl wants every girl to feel comfortable with their bodies and to get strong.

Any girls that feel like working out go to the core and cardio club. You are not alone if you want to tone up your body or just want to get stronger!